August 2002
Edited by: Jill Nuciolo



Vega's backyard adventure

    I have a fenced in yard which faces a wooded area. I'm always on guard protecting my yard from all the little critters who come thru the fence to investigate my domain. Most of the time its chipmunks who have me running, sniffing, and checking out the holes they make in my yard. My brother Roy doesn't like to play the great hunter like I do. He's happy to swim in the pool and play frizbee.
    The other day I had a BIG surprise. When my Mom let me out first thing in the morning, I could smell something different in MY yard. It wasn't chippy but a young, brown rabbit. He was about the same color as my fur except for the tiny white tail. So I ran, and ran, and ran trying to catch him. Then he just dropped. I didn't want to hurt him, just play. So I layed next to him for a while. My Dad came and put me in the house.
     I went back out later but he was gone. Must be I need lessons on hunting. Its hard work protecting your home.


      Hi my name is Energizer. I'm a tortie cat and was adopted from the
Finger Lakes Humane Society when I was about a year old. I'd been there for about 5 months and didn't like that cage at all. I decided Laura was the person I was going to go home with and sent her all kinds of messages when she came to volunteer or visit me (including leaping up onto her shoulder when she opened the cage, and curling up to her neck and digging IN!), but like most humans she didn't pick up my messages for a LONG time. Finally she took me home. ( apparently she was able to persuade Angela to let me live with them and their six kitties). I have a long list of hobbies and interests including getting the humans in the house to wait on me hand and foot. I also have a PASSION for lettuce, spinach, kale, etc., and so I dive into the grocery bags in search of greens whenever someone returns from the store. I don't like the spines on the lettuce or any kind of stems so I expect all of that to be cleaned off for me and fed to me in bite sized pieces (don't even think of putting it in a bowl and expecting me to forage on my own)!     My other passion is yelling. I'm really good at it. If I yell for something (like lettuce or catfood or grass - which I also expect to be hand-fed to me and brought to me from outside. The juicy pieces please, not those dry, hard kinds) and don't get an immediate response (I like to see people trip over themselves trying to move fast enough) I really let out a shriek. I live with 2 deaf people but even they can hear me when I let go! Sometimes I pretend to be trapped on the porch (the door is wide open) by crying and whining through the window to the kitchen until someone comes and "rescues" me. Heh heh.
   How'd I learn to be so smart? Well, what else did I have to do with my
time for those 5 long months in the cage?




    How is everyone's summer going? Sure has been a hot one! Over the 4th of July I got to see many of you, in fact I'm sad to report I had to actually say no to a couple customers who called because I got soo booked up there just wasn't enough time in the day for me to visit anymore of you. I felt very bad that happened, but I thought I should bring it to your attention so that if you have any trips planned over any holiday be sure to call me & get booked early! It also gave me an idea for this month's newsletter. I thought I would share with you all just how big our family of fluffy buddies is ! So here goes some interesting statistics:
As of today I have 142 current customers! That does not include some that I have deleted due to moving, or buddies that have passed to Rainbow Bridge, etc.
In these 142 houses I care for:

101 dogs
183 cats
 25+ hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs
  1 Chincilla (hehe)
 14 birds
  4 bunnys

    Of these houses, 19 have both cats & dogs. Included in the following numbers:

47 have 1 dog
20 2 dogs
 6 3 or more dogs !
35 have 1 cat
29 2 cats
12 3 cats
7 4 cats
5 5 or more cats !

    A little statistic about the people:

41 houses have children living at home
48 have grown children no longer living at home
53 have no children !

    And 23 houses have pets that need some kind of medication!

    The best part is I remember all these pets by name & address & appearance! I may not recognize owners names! but if you tell me the pets names I will immediately know who you are! :) I also do all these trips & visit/care for all these buddies on my own! With the excpetion of July 4th when my friend Angela did help me with Pepper who is a new buddy! She did a wonderful job & I'm sure she will be helping more in the future altho she will only make the visits after I discussed it with the owner prior to their leaving.

    In these numbers are a couple new additions to our family! Shiloh, Beeba & Wigit live with Jim & Roxanne. I watched these 3 dogs over this past weekend & they are wonderful even tho I was a bit cautious at first with Shiloh a white German Shepherd Dog. It was unnecessary caution as Shiloh didn't care that I walked in as long as I let him out to go visit with Max! Handsome silver tabby Splinter joined Ash & Cinders in sharing the house with Melinda & George! That guy is a keeper for sure-he's already taken over the household! We also welcome Tara a gorgeous Sheltie! Tara allows Theresa & Don to live in HER house as long as the serve her every need & keep the food bowlful ! We have another month that passed without losing any of our buddies I am thrilled to report!!

    When you all logged into my first page did you notice the new pictures of my own fluffies? These are the pictures taken by the professional photographer Chanan last April.! Hope you enjoy them!

    That will end this months newsletter since I have so many of you to still visit I must leave the house now! Hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer & the next time I write it will be Labor Day--already ! Where does the time go?


JILL & the Fluffy Gang

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