December 2002
Edited by: Jill Nuciolo


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In Loving Memory


Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the towns,
the animals were awake
and acting like clowns.
So many things to play with
for our family's new kittens,
pouncing, jumping & batting
with paws soft like mittens.
On oversized feet came
adorable fluffy new puppies,
we welcomed bunnies & birds,
lots of fish but no guppies.
Except for the snowy weather
I love the holiday season,
bringing joy to all my buddies-
for me-it's my life's reason.
Everyone is happy
and full of good cheer.
Isn't that what our pets do
every day of the year?
They fill me with such love,
with warmth and happiness,
I sometimes find it hard to remember
I really do this as a business!
Every day I see faces
so soft and so furry,
often I have trouble seeing thru eyes
that joyous tears have made blurry.
Sammy is sitting on my lap,
cuddly and snuggly as I'm trying to write.
What more can I wish for-nothing is
more important-my heart is light.
People without pets alas
don't know what they're missing,
the tickles of whiskers
on that face you are kissing.
I don't have a better idea
of how to spend all my days,
than surrounded by the love
my gang shows me in new ways.
And not just my own
but all the love of your's too.
I'm grateful that you've allowed me
to share that along with you.
I decorated the tree and my house yesterday,
today, and I'm positive again tomorrow.
I look at those eyes so innocent and pure,
I know the guilty, but I have no sorrow.
The mess is created in fun,
not meant to be vindictive or mean.
It's simple curiosity and excitement
for all the new things out to be seen.
Our pets are honest
and they are willing to share,
All they ask in return
is food and our loving care.
Unlike some people who's joy
is to steal, kill and maim,
how much better the world if man
learned from animals and acted the same.
Often I'm laughed at-
"Get a real job" I am told.
I do work hard, they don't understand,
but for the sore muscles-my days shine like gold.
Every day for me I'm happy to leave
to see all my family that are dear to my heart.
I thank you sincerely for the friendship and trust
for inviting me to join your family and make me a part.

During this most glorious time
I want to try to convey
what stays in my head
and I can't seem to say.
All the horror & meanness
I see all around,
I feel hope surround me
In the love I have found.
That all of you have given
my life back to me.
That finally thru your pets
at peace I can be.

I wish for all of you the same peace I feel all through the year. May you have a safe and wonderous holiday season. May you enjoy life through the eyes of animals. May your hearts be filled with the warmth of a cuddly pet in all you endeavor. May your days be filled with laughter and furry whiskered faces.



JILL & the Fluffy Gang



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