February 2002
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    Hi! My name is Boo and I came to have a home in a very creative way. One summer day I decided to disguise myself as a plastic bag and was taking a nap in a flower garden, when along came Angela doing yard work and weeding etc. She bent over to pick up the "plastic bag" (heh heh) in the flowers when I lifted my head making her jump back and scream. Pretty clever huh?
   After that they started calling me "Boo". They tried to find me a home because they already had 6 cats, but first I needed medical attention from walking in hot tar which gave me pretty badly infected paws. By the time they had me taken care of and my paws all healed, they had fallen head over heels in love with me (hee)!!
     I'm a pretty shy kitty whenever anyone comes over to visit. While I love my people very much and am really affectionate (I especially love to be brushed!), I run and hide if anyone comes over to visit and there I stay until they leave. But there is one exception. I just adore our petsitter Jill and when I realize it's her that's come to visit, I come running up the stairs to give her big "Boo kisses" (my specialty). I do this by jumping on the table and stretching my paws up to put around her neck and give her a kiss!
     So my clever plastic bag act got me a wonderful home and the best catsitter too!!


    My name is PacMan and I'm a Blue Hippo Tang - a saltwater fish, if you must know. I live with all my other fish friends including my old friend Eddie, in a large saltwater tank. We live with Ed and Mary in their new home in Victor.
Now you may wonder why they named me PacMan. When I was just a little fish (Gee, that was over nine years ago), my Parents were surprised to see that I ate my yummy brine shrimp and scallops just like the hero of my favorite computer game, PacMan.
Auntie Jill, who takes care of me when my parents are gone, thinks I'm a beautiful fish, but maybe not too smart. But I fooled her one day and showed her who was smarter. One day, when Aunt Jill was supposed to feed me, she was horrified to see that I was laying dead on the bottom of the tank. Aunt Jill did everything to get me to respond, but I was surely dead. Poor Aunt Jill called Uncle Tony (my fish man) and said it was an emergency. "Poor PacMan was dead and he should come quick." But when she came back to see me again, I was swimming around as if nothing happened. Boy, did I show her who the smart one was!


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     Here we are in February already & my favorite day of the year is near-Valentine's Day !! It's a day I remember how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many fantastic Valentines. I sure hope you are all spoiled rotten that day-not that you aren't any other day of the year so I guess rotten-er ! hehehe

     This month's special Pets of the Month are Best Buddy Boo & PacMan. Boo has a special place in my heart because he is such a shy boy. He is always hiding when anyone comes over to visit with Angela & Laura unless it's me. Then he sits in the window & waits for me. When I get there is follows me everywhere, pushing me along to finish the chores quickly so then we can sit in the living room & snuggle. After we snuggle for awhile then we play with his Cat Charmer & he loves to get on his favorite cat tree which has a tunnel on it & then he turns upside down or hangs from the edges & tries to not only catch the Charmer but make me laugh hysterically ! Pac Man is a gorgeous salt water fish living with Mary & Ed. If you remember a past newsletter, Mary & Ed recently moved & they built a beautiful huge tank for Pac Man & his friends. I see PacMan already told you how he faked me out pretending he was dead ! I still smile when thinking of that day & I love to tell the story to others & get their laughs too! Who knew that fish could be so smart & coniving !! I hope you enjoy this months featured pets.

     Just today I recieved an invitation to add a link to my web site to the Pets Arthritis Information web site. I briefly scanned it & it sure looks like it is packed full of information. I thought of many of you suffering with the aches & pains of arthritis so I happily added the link & I hope it helps some of you now & in the future. On an update to Bill Winkowski @Twelve Corners Apothecary- I went to talk with him a couple weeks ago. He is very nice & sure knows his stuff ! He is also extremely informative. Unfortunately he does not make medication into chewable tablets yet altho he says he felt it shouldn't be long before it is something that will be offered. Right now he makes the medication into flavored liquids so I bought a 3 fish flavored for my Shaney. I was hoping he would lick it right up off the plate or at the very least lick it up in a little food but why on earth would I expect anything with my cats to be that easy ?!?! I suppose you figured already-Shaney won't eat it ! So I am back to crawling under the waterbed everyday to pill my sweet precious little boy. I truly believe my critters do these things on purpose so they can all sit around laughing.

     A couple weeks ago I went to visit Frankie- an adorable kitten that lives now with his kitty brotherJerry & his parents Diana & Mike. Be sure to see this gorgeous guy's picture-he is a Silver/White Chinchilla Persian & he is sooo sweet. I had so much fun with him. I just stopped in to meet him that day-I'm hoping that "Mom & Dad" GO AWAY so I can take care of him !!!! The bad part of that day was while I was visiting it was snowing & ice-ing & sure enough after I left there I was suppose to make a curve onto the expressway ramp only my truck decided he wanted to see if he could fight with the guardrail--my truck lost ! Yes- I hit the guard rail & smashed the front/side of my truck. It spent a week in the collision shop getting repaired & I drove a rental pickup. I finally got mine back & they did an outstanding job on it! I can't believe how much I missed my truck. I'm in my truck so much of the day that it feels to me like my second home. All my supplies are in there-some of which I don't regularily remember I even have until I need them.

     Max is absolutely thrilled we finally have snow ! As far as I'm concerned he is totally out of his mind-but he loves to roll around in it making snow angels & he dives his head into the snow & then grins at me with a snow-full face ! Ok-it's comical, but I still hate the snow! Unless I'm inside looking out-then it can be pretty. A lot of my doggie buddys love the snow. I was surprised to see that Sherman didn't mind it all. As a small cocker-spaniel I thought he wouldn't like the snow but he bounds right out & it doesn't seem to bother him at all. I know Fenway loves the snow- she likes to pull pet sitter Jill to see if I can fall in the snow banks ! Molly & many others also like to make snow angels but this all leads me to Regal who I am watching now. Regal hates the cold & snow & refuses to go out. She knows it's cold out there too so she curls up on Ann & John's bed or in her bed. I have to pick up Regal & carry her outside. I sure learned quickly the first morning that when I pick Regal up to hold her belly facing up since when I didn't she expressed her feelings on the matter of going out in the cold by---well-- "expressing" herself--all down the front of my coat ! I was extremely grateful that I had my ski jacket on with the nylon waterproof outer covering so it did clean up well ! My mother always told me -"you learn something new every day". What a lesson I got that day !!

     That's about all for this version of my newsletter. I didn't see many of you last month, seems all your parents stayed home. I do have quite a few of you on my schedule for February & I'm looking foward to visiting with all of you.

     I hope you all stay healthy & happy & have a great Valentine's Day !!


Jill & the Fluffy Gang !



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