June 2002
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Hi, my name is Lady Jane Wellington and my companion's name is Spike Jones. We live with a very loving family, especially the mother. They were not cat people to start with but one-day way back I 1973 my predecessor, Pokey, was abandoned in their yard. They tried to ignore him but he refused to leave so the adopted him. He was an all black cat who soon was loved by everyone. As he began to age my people thought he should have a companion. So the search began for an all white cat to complement Pokey's black coat. It took a while but they finally found me. If I must say so I was a beautiful longhaired kitten. By now Pokey was 12 years old and didn't want anything to do with such a rambunctious little lady. Every once in a while he'd get the better of me but I usually came out ahead.
After many years old Pokey went away. My people were very sad and I really missed him even though I was now getting all the attention. You see, while I love my people, I really don't like to be touched that much. That's how I got my name Lady - even as a kitten I gave the appearance of being a lady. After another search my people found a replacement for Pokey. They brought home my current companion spike Jones. He was a tiny all black kitten whose fur stood up like gel covered spiked hair on a teenager so they named him Spike.
Boy, was I ever sorry that I had been so obnoxious to Pokey. I was paid back double. As spike grew he was always after me. He was so wild (his mother was a feral cat) that he was climbing the curtains at 3 months old. Every time I tried to rest in a quiet corner he would find me and the chase was on. It took years for that cat to mellow. Now we're both old (17 and 13 respectively) and don't run around quite as we used to. But when we do, I now sometimes get the better of him. More often than not we can be found sleeping soundly on the family room couch (although we sleep at opposite ends).
Spike and I will be moving, along with our people, to the North Carolina coast in a few months. Our new home will have a screened porch that our people promise us we can sit on to soak up the warm southern sun. Here we have to wait for a warm day and then sit on the windowsill.
We will miss our home and our favorite visitor Jill. She is so much more fun then our people. Whenever she visits she plays with us and often brings lots of really good toys. I even let Jill pet and cuddle me a little. We'll depend on all you kitties and - ugh - dogs to be extra nice to Jill after we leave. She deserves it, she's the best pet-sitter around, I'm sure you'll agree. And we all know how much she loves us all.

Good-bye from Lady and Spike




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    I hope this finds everyone well & ready to enjoy the summer. I was hoping to be talking about the heat & tans & swimming & sunshine; but it seems rainy, cold & windy is about all there is & I don't want to talk about that. I just glanced out the window & one of the ducks is here eating! There are around 6 that come here to eat regularily. They are so cute & are getting quite familiar with us & will come up to the house & quack if there is no food! The other day while I was walking Jonah I heard this rustling & when I looked up there was a deer standing up & walking away. He couldn't have been 50 ft from us! I enjoy the wildlife so much. It is very relaxing to me to sit & watch the birds out my window or to see the wildlife when I'm out walking.
     I have recently learned that Pittsford Animal Hospital is no longer the 24 hr. emergency clinic. The new 24 hr. facility is ANIMAL EMERGENCY SERVICE 825 White Spruce Blvd. 424-1277 White Spruce Blvd is opposite Monroe Community College off E.Henrietta Rd. Please post this new info somewhere where you can locate it quick in case of an emergency with your pet requiring immediate medical care.
     The Kodak Falcons have hatched!! But only 2 of the eggs hatched so Mariah & Kaver are the proud parents of 2 babies. Its fun to watch them now as they grow & try out their wings so check out the site if you have time. On the furry side- I finally got to go visit & care for Rachel & Lu-Lea while Tomalee & Joe finally went away. But to my surprise they came home a couple days early! Seems Joe likes doing that, weeellll--Joe---now that I am the sitter for your kittys , coming home early is not an option as it cuts terribly into my "spoiling" time!! Now, staying longer is absolutely acceptable!! I hope the early return had nothing to do with the fact that I set the alarm off in their house. Ahh- I guess it was bound to happen! Seven years in business & I've never set off an alarm.      
No problems when I went to visit an old friend- Sam. Sam is a black labrador that I watched probably 4 or 5 years ago so it was fantastic to see him again & see he was doing well. I met Darcy & Mimi while Mom Pat was gone for a day! The only part of Mimi I saw well was her rear end running away! She did stop before running down the stairs & looked at me for a minute or 2, she is a beautiful Burmese & Darcy is Siamese. Wonderful kittys & I hope I get to see more of them. I will be caring for SinJin later this month while Karen & Ted are gone. SinJin is a 35 lb Toy Poodle!! Toy?? Oky doky !! But that is what SinJin is-his genes just aren't aware of that! Also met Kitty-kind-of-- I peeked at Kitty who was hiding under the quilt! I'm looking foward to anaother challenge of coaxing the shy kitty over to me. I found out yesterday that Annabelle has a new sister- Mia the cat ! Can't wait to meet her & welcome her to our buddy family!!
     Good news- We didn't loose any buddies this past month! Cyra is doing well after surgery, healing nicely & getting back to normal. Too bad "Mom" wasn't as calm as Cyra about the whole ordeal! hehehehe That's part of being a mom I guess!!
     I suppose I should start my gang on their flea treatment one of these days. With the weather so drab & cold I haven't thought much about treating them, but its time as I'm sure before long the mosquitos & fleas will be biting and trying to spread worms and disease. The new treatments from the Veternarians all work very well and are well worth the money for the comfort of our buddies. Talk to your doctor about which is best for your pet. I found out last year that there is a combination product for the cats that prevents heartworm. I tried giving my gang the heartworm pill for cats but none of them would eat it so I was thrilled to get the topical stuff. Heartworm has a much higher incidence of causing death in cats than in dogs so it is extremely important that cats be given preventative medications also.
     Did anyone watch the Pet Psychic on Animal Planet Monday nite? It was very interesting, but I'm not totally convinced yet. She is on every Monday at 8 PM so if you have a chance-check it out & let me know what you think. I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to those type of things on TV as I think how do I know they didn't stop the camera & discuss the issues? I have to be an actual part of it before I believe. She did supposedly talked to some animals that had passed on & that was interesting. If she is really capable, the animals told her they become our angels, which I've always believed on my own anyway. A few years ago I did call one on the phone and had a session which still didn't convince me altho there were a couple "strange" things she said. I remember the one specifically cause it was kind-a eerie- she made her connection with Sammy and said to me "Oh-he's beautiful". Then she started to giggle a bit & I asked her why & she said Sammy told her "I am a BOY, I'm Handsome!" I got chills cause that is something I say all the time to any boy animal!! If I or anyone else say he's beautiful I always answer-"he's a Boy, he's Handsome!" I had called her to "talk" to Max at the time & I do have to admit that there were some things she told me he was saying that did "work out" as a few months went by. But there was also some things about Max or the kittys that just didn't fit or come to any positive conclusion. I'm still questioning. If anyone else out there has ever had a session with a pet psychic I would love to hear about it! That whole area with people & animals is extremely fascinating to me.
     Sadly I will be saying goodbye to the Pets of The Month for June in a couple months. Spike & Lady will be moving out of state & I will be missing them terribly. I love those 2 cats & I did see them quite often since Kathy & Dick went to visit their grandson a lot. Spike & Lady always reminded me of the old 50's era-the tough biker type-Spike with the proper sophisticated Lady. And of course Lady will always have the distinction of being the first cat I ever had to give a bath to after she rolled in "poop". I made both the Pets of the Month since they will be leaving our family but most certainly not my heart. They will forever have a treasured piece of my heart no matter how far they go and they will always be remembered fondly. I wish the best of luck to the whole family in their new home, state & life.
That's it for this month. I sure hope the weather warms up! I really hope I get to see many of you in the next few months! Until then I think of you often & I send smootchys to you all & I will always



JILL & the Fluffy Gang



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