March 2002
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    I would like to tell my story of how I came to be cherished.
    When I was one year old my mom and dad decided to get a divorce and that meant from me too. They gave me to a family with children but the mom
didn't trust me with her children. She said I had to go. I guess there are some rottweilers out there who aren't very nice. We know that its the owners who aren't very nice and make them do mean things.
    I then became free to a good home. My new Mom and Dad and sister Sara
had many loving experiences with my devoted breed. I was soon the belle
of the ball and the queen of my home. They tell me I give them far more love than they give me but you can't prove that by me. I am 9 yrs old now and for the last few years they have decided that I need to stay in my home when they go on vacation. I love my home and my new orthopedic bed. Jill comes to visit me a couple times a day and my
Grandma comes in the afternoon and bring me a snack of bacon while my
family is away. They do a great job of showing me love. Secretly I can't wait til my family comes home because I love them so much more than they love me. I guess that point is still up for debate because they have made me feel so loved and so special.


     In August of '91, a neighbor and good friend found an older calico kitten in her yard and phoned me to come over. Somehow my clever neighbor knew that phone call would lead to this kitten taking up residence at my house, not hers, and she was right.
     After a few weeks of searching for this kitten's owner and having no luck, we caved in and named our calico adoptee "Pinkie" for her pink nose and pink paw pads, and she quickly adapted to living with 2 adults and 2 kids and became a pro at completely ignoring our 2 Siamese cats and 2 parakeets.
     The vet told us that our foundling was born around the time of the Ice Storm of 1991, so I always think of Pinkie's birthday as March 3, 1991, and this year she turns 11. The kids grew up, moved away, got married, the 2 Siamese cats reached the Rainbow Bridge and were replaced by 2 other kittens, and we have 2 English Budgies, yet Pinkie continues her reign as Queen Of The Household and maintains her pro status of ignoring the other pets in our
home. Some people might say Pink may be one of the fattest cats they've ever seen, but she's always been good about ignoring those comments as well as any diet suggestions and tips we've attempted to discuss.
     The old girl is getting on in in years now, has a few health issues, and is now a sleepy old cat. The days of running across my son's computer keyboard or joining my daughter and her girfriends for a sleepover in the family room may be over now, but her shining purrrrrsonality is still a joy and pleasure to experience.



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     It's March! Spring will be here any day ! Yippeee!! Not that there is anything to complain about this winter. But I still love the warmth & trees & flowers blooming way more than even a snowless winter. Also- Spring brings a lot more people going away & I get to visit all my special fluffy buddies ! We have a few new fluffy buddies to welcome to our family. Maggie is a tiny little West Highland Terrier! She is only 13 weeks old & I will be visiting her a couple times a week during the day to let her out while Mom Mary Ellen works. She is sooo cute! Then there are 2 beautiful cats- Rachel & LuLea who live with Tommalee & Joe. They are both tortishells & I can't wait til I get to go spend some time with them. In a couple weeks I'll be starting to visit Hailey & Biko while mom Robin takes off for a few days. They are persians. And then there was Maddy- the 11 month old Labrador who showed my that I had muscles I didn't know even existed in my body! In fact- I think my whole body was one continuous muscle which was very sore by the time Maddy's mom Ari got home! I always enjoy having labradors remind me that I am not in as much shape as I thought! Maddy let Max come out of the truck & play with her & they had a blast. We walked to the end of the yard where there was a creek & Maddy went straight up to drink from the creek. Max was weary of the water so he was hesitant but Maddy helped & taught Max how to get a drink! Max then reciprocated by showing Maddy how to cross the little bridge so they could sniff out all the critters in the woods on the other side. The real fun for them both was the day we walked down along the creek for a bit & found a wood pile where obviously some little critters made their home cause Maddy & Max's noses were really going around that wood pile.
     Guess what I found out today?? There is a world known great animal photographer coming into town in the 1st week of April. He will be at the cat show but on Fri. 4/5 & Mon 4/8 Dr. Betsy Arnold arranged for him to come to her place-Caring for Cats to take pictures! If you are interested,Caring for Cats is taking reservations & cats & dogs are welcome. They will be taking the photos inthe conference room downstairs away from the hustle bustle of normal procedures. I am going to attempt to take my 5 cats on Monday & see if I can them to sit still for some nice pictures. That was something I always wish I would've had done when my girls were alive but I knew if anyone came here they would hide & if I took them elsewhere they would be too scared to come out of the carrier. Hopefully Suzi & the boys will be a little more co-operative! Dr. Arnold told me this man is excellent & in fact a lot of people who show their cats will bring their cats to a show if they know he is there!
     Sadly we lost another fluffy buddy family member. Pat informed that after a brief struggle with an unknown diagnosis Pepper moved on to Rainbow Bridge to join sister & brothers Rambo, Cinnamon & Rhett. For those of you that are regular readers you will recognize that Pat has lost all her kittys in a very short time & our deepest most heartfelt sympathys & prayers are with her. Her new kitty Rascal is adjusting fine to her new home & is doing very good! I visited with Rascal for a couple days & what a difference from when I first met her early in the year. It is a great testament to Pat what her special love & care has done to help Rascal adjust so quickly.
     If I was to have an award for the most Disgusting Dog of the Month- hands down winner for February would be Yukon the shilo shepard! On a rainy/snowy cold miserable night Yukon decided to bring me a "present" ! Now I know all the experts say we are supposed to be very thankful for these gifts-& believe me I usually try to comply-but I have to say since Yukon was more interested in either having me TAKE his gift of the dead squirrel & when that didn't work-take the gift INSIDE, I have to confess that I was not thinking of thanking him at the time. On the contrary- I do believe I was a hysterical mess trying to get away from this thing in his mouth & when he finally dropped it trying to figure out how I was going to get it off the deck! I found a stick & flung the thing away & set about trying to erase the horror from my memory :) Needless to say that lasted 2 days when Yukon showed up proudly with his "catch" AGAIN-so thrilled that he had found it !!
     Did you check out this months Pet of the Month? Pinky is a particular favorite of mine because she looks amazingly alike to my Rebecca ! For a calico it's very rare to find ones that are marked so similar. I remember on the first "meet" visit with Veronica, Pinky was laying on a couch & Veronica was showing me the routine for the care of her then birds. I was listening but at the same time poking Pinky in the belly just like I did with my Rebecca! Pinky promptly swiped at my hand & left a few bleeding marks! When Veronica turned around & saw this she was very apologetic saying Pinky had never done that to anyone to which I replied- "Has anyone ever poked her in the belly!" As you can see not only did Veronica still hire me but she has become one of my top 3 customers over the years. I love her family as much as my own, altho now that she also has a Birman it can be sometimes confusing being in her house since every time I turn around I feel like I am home!!
Cyra is another special buddy as she is 1 of only 2 Rottweilers that I watch. Originally I had declined Carrie's call but she persisted that I give Cyra a chance so I reluctantly agreed. Needless to say it was truly one of my best reversal decision as Cyra & I have become very good friends & I adore her tremendously. She really is precious & like Carrie writes is truly devoted to her family. Cyra is one dog who never forgets our routine in between the times I see her & I if I don't follow the routine to the letter she is there to remind me what I am supposed to do! I always look foward to our walks & our game of catch with her food!
This will be it for now for this month. I wish all of you a very Happy Easter & a great month. Don't forget- if you want to have your pet as Pet of the Month please email me with a short story about your special pet & we will get it up on a future newsletter!
Take Care all of you & I look foward to seeing you all soon !!


Jill & the Fluffy Gang !



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