November 2002
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  Milo is a very special kitty. I was in the doctor's office with two of my other pets when I met this adorable little manx kitten. He was found in a barn and was a little sick, but the vet made him better. The nurses kept insisting that they bring him out so I could meet him, and as soon as they did he came right up to me and started purring. I knew he would fit into our house, so I decided to adopt him. Milo is about 8 weeks old, but is already scoping out the house! He loves to sit on your chest while you are laying down, and I have never heard a cat purr so much! I think he is very happy to be with us and we are happy to have him.


      Hi- I'm Scarlet & I am a black Labrador. Just before my first birthday my previous owners took me for a car ride & abruptly I was pushed out into the road. Another car stopped & a man came running. Before I could say "snausages" I was in this strangers car, but I didn't care because I love everybody!.
     He took me to a building with lots of different animal smells & I was put in a cage. I did not like this cage, not one bit so I began a nervous drool. Then one day the man came back & we walked past the room & outside! I was going home. The cat at my new home quickly became my playmate. While playing "catch the cat" sometimes the womens recliner crashes to the floor--perfect time for me to act dumb.
After 8 months in my new home we went to a park & there were lots of people & dogs. I was proud with my new flat buckle collar & bright red leash! We went in front of one lady & I did all the things I was told to do. We were presented with papers & now I am a Canine Good Citizen Dog & Therapy Dog International! I go to work with the woman now & visit lots of people-some in wheelchairs. I like visiting & snuggling my head in their laps.
I am sooo happy here!!!


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Happy Thanksgiving Fluffy Buddies

                  Here it is-the holiday season again. The best part of this time of year is I will see so many of you! There will be yummy turkey with all the trimmings but lets remember that the bones are not good for you dogs & kittys so lets not have any emergencies. Being the sneaky little characters I know you all can be, us people will have to be extra careful to keep you off the counters, tables & especially the garbage so no splintering bones get into your tummys! Then of course the trimmings of the tree will begin & there will be ribbons & bows & scissors & oh those tiny little tree lites that kittys think are made just for them to attack! And that yummy chocolate & cookies that only are deadly to people when they stand on the scale, but not so for our fluffies who can become very sick & even die fron just a little taste. . Better safe than sorry & not give any of those sweet goodies to our pets. The stores have plenty of cookies & treats we can safely feed you so that you don't feel left out of all the festivities & don't end up in the hospital ! I love the holidays & driving to see you all I enjoy the lites & decorations. Lets not cloud the memories by reports of an accident that could have been avoided. It's easy for us people to look at our surroundings thru your eyes to see what it is that you see that curiosity will get the better of you to investigate. Curiosity or your taste buds!! hehe For those of you that are a little shyer around people- make sure you tell your person to have a safe haven for you. Block of an area--a room--in the house that is a no-exception off limits to the visiting friends & family so that the pets have a place they can be left alone & away from all the noise & celebrations.
               I'm all set for my vacation next week & again I want to thank you all for your warm wishes & your acceptance of my trip! I know I will have a wonderful rest & not feel nearly as guilty for leaving! I'm looking foward to the walks & hopefully viewing of lots of wildlife. Then to come back to fireplace, hot chocolate & a book!
               When I get back right away I will start visiting our newest member of our buddy family- Sweetie! I met Sweetie last week & her mom Gail & I know Sweetie will be a joy to visit. My personal new family member Sarena is doing great. I have never seen a kitty fit in & get accepted into a house as smoothly as Sarena. The rest of the kittys just adore her & no-one is free from being the object of her playfulness at any moment. I can't get over how gentle this bunch of boys are with her & Sammy has even picked her up by the scruff of her neck & takes her wherever he is going! Whats particularly amazing about that is his real brother Max who lives with Doreen & John did the exact same thing when Rocco was a baby! But then Rocco grew up & Max could no longer carry him so what to do next? Get another kitten of course!! Max has another kitten now to watch over & carry around. As of this writing I don't know what kitten's name is yet but he sure is adorable. (NEWSFLASH......His name is Milo and he is one of the pets of the month!)
               Over this past weekend I walked my favorite deer-chasing buddy-Chewy. Poor Chewy has glaucoma & has gone blind in one eye. What I always marvel at about the animals is how well they adjust to their handicaps without a complaint. If you didn't know Chewy was blind in that eye you would never notice. She took off dragging me though the yard & into the woods like not a thing has changed. Because I have known Chewy for so long I did notice a few subtle changes-such as she drifts off in the direction of the good eye. But I didn't have to worry about that as it was obvious that Max sensed there was something different about Chewy & he made sure he was always near her & would lead her back when she drifted! This time Max never got very far ahead of us either-he would stop, wait & make sure his Chewy was following along OK. Wow! Talk about fascinating!! & I think of these so called "experts" who say animals don't think & reason the way humans do. Or the people who say animals have no feelings or aren't smart. If they could see what I see!!
               Sam my midday walk puppy has gotten so big now. Not so much a little
puppy any more! He got way to heavy for me to lift up to the truck to visit Max so a couple weeks ago I started letting Max out of the truck. At first I had a tight hold on both not knowing what to expect & with the size difference I was naturally concerned that Sam didn't get hurt. Silly me!! I spent that first day trying to untangle the leashes since they were all over each other playing! I have to laugh the whole time-Sam just will not get off Max's head. He is in Max's face the whole time not letting Max make a move without Sam right there licking his face & paws wrapped around Max's neck! It is so hysterical especially since I can't help but remind Max he deserves it since that is exactly what he does to the cats!! I also think of that cartoon with the bull dog & chihuahua-Spike is the bigger dog & I cannot think of the little ones name but he is always jumping around Spike & constantly talking. I'm sure as Sam grows there will be lots of wrestling going on with those 2!
               Good news again- we didn't loose any of our buddys this past month! I sure hope we get thru the next couple months without loosing any.
               Time to sign off. I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!! Some of you I will be seeing, the rest you will all be in my heart & I will be wishing good things for each & everyone of you. Be safe, be happy, be warm & be loved!!


JILL & the Fluffy Gang


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