October 2002
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  Missy & her sister Brina are ragdolls! Missy has a new flavor of food that she loves -- it's sushi according to her mom Janet. There were 3 little fish in a container on the kitchen counter. One of the fish was a bully & he was always beating up & stealing food from the other 2. Janet was constantly yelling at the bully & Missy would sit & watch her & the fish very intently. One day sure enough one of the other fish died from the abuse of the bully. Janet took the fish out & showed it to Missy telling her that the bully killed the fish. The next day Janet came home & bully fish was gone! So do you think- sushi? or was Missy the bigger bully? hmmmmmmm These 2 girls are very beautiful & very spoiled! I don't even think I can spoil them more!!!


  Meet Sarena!! She has come to live with me & the fluffy gang! Seems to be going well for now. All the kittys seem to enjoy her. Shey particularly is just smitten with her- if you want to know where Sarena is just look for Shey! She is 3 mos old & I adopted her from Ridgemont Animal Hospital. She's been there for 2 mos. & because she is black no one wanted to adopt her. Their loss because she is a love!! If anyone else out there is getting the kitten itch--there are 2 more waiting for good homes!!


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     Happy Halloween to all of you!! The ghosts, goblins & monsters will soon be descending on our doorsteps looking for their treats which means all your people will have to be extra careful. I don't want to hear of any escaped buddies (Madison!) or any of you eating any of that chocolate candy which is OK for the little 2-footers but not my fluffy 4-footers! It's also not to soon to point out to stay away from antifreeze that might spill on the driveway as Dad or Mom are getting their vehicles ready for the winter. I want all of you to stay nice, safe, warm & healthy this fall !!
Well- I made my vacation plans! I will be leaving on November 11th after my midday walks & will return late afternoon on the 15th. I'm looking foward to catching up on some of my reading, taking long walks with Max on the nature trails & I also have some plans regarding Max that who knows---maybe some day--- people may be able to to give him those pets that they've been wanting to do. Can't promise of course, but we shall see! I want to thank all of you who called me right away after recieving the last newsletter to let me know of your vacation plans & not just for when I wanted to go away but also the reservations for the holidays! & all the wishes for a nice time to me! Wow!! You all touched me with your sweet responses & made me feel much less guilty about taking some time off!!
I've been busy this past month but not as bad as in the summer so I have been able to catch up on some long due paperwork/office stuff & actually have found that my desk top does not look like loose papers after all! I visited with Bitsie for a week to give her the fluids that she needs to stay healthy but Bitsie was not exactly excited about my visits. I guess she only like her Mom & Dad sticking those darn needles in her. I've been visiting with puppy Sam during the days & he is growing & growing! Not such a little puppy anymore but he is doing so good. He's learned how to walk down the stairs already!
I met Cody the other day along with his mom-Irene. I will be visiting with him this coming week! I was extremely saddened to hear that our 3-legged buddy-Frank passed over to Rainbow Bridge. Frank was diabetic for a long time. I used to see him often when he lived in the city but awhile back he moved out to Geneva. I know Sherry & Walt are missing him terribly. He was a sweetie that sure reminded people that you can live a totally happy & fulfilled life even tho you may have some disabilities & it's not the way you look on the outside but the love that pours from your heart that makes you special. He was my special buddy & he took a piece of my heart with him too.
Max & I went to visit Chewy the chow last week. On the first day I got them ready to go for our walk into Durand Park & after they greeted each other I said "OK-lets go for our walk!". Chewy & Max seem to have a different definition of walk than I do as we took off running at break neck speed! I tried to explain what I felt a walk was but since it was 2 against 1, I lost again. Either that or they decided that I looked like I could use a little more exercise & felt it was their responsibility to keep me in shape! So we chased the deer & the squirrels & the best part was when it was way more fun to go down the steep drop off rather than around where it slopes & then wait & watch the human try to navigate her way down! Gee- I just had an idea--- I should let Fenny go on those runs with Chewy& Max! Fenny has gotten a bit chunky since last I saw here. It's been awhile because Chris had a baby & has been home. Bill explained tho that seems poor Fenny simply added pregnancy sympathy pounds!! I'm not sure I ever read any scientific data relating to that condition, but then I am absolutely no expert so I have to go along with that reasoning!! hehehehehhe
Has every one bought the Spay & Neuter 37cent stamps?? I had my order in on the day they were released! What a great way to remind people to do the healthy thing for their pets as well as their part to try to reduce the cat/dog overpopulation problem in our country. Not to mention that the most adorable cat & dog are on the stamps too!
Since the last newsletter was late it's only been couple weeks & that's about all the news there is up to date.
Hope all of you have a fantastic Halloween! & lets hope that our fluffy buddy Boo doesn't come out & scare all of us like he did to Angela & Laura!!


JILL & the Fluffy Gang


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