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   My name is Mary and I've lived with my family for a very long time. I was a wild cat and was trapped by my vet and given my wonderful home. I haven't outgrown some of my wide ways (I'm very shy around people), but I have my own room. I'm a little afraid of people, except for a wonderful petsitter that pets me and plays with me often! I like to look out the window at the birds and wonder what one would taste like (tee hee). But since I am fed very well, I don't think I would really eat one!


  My name is Molly and I had a rough start in life. My first owners abused me and I was very shy around people. But I was rescued by the Animal Service League and Doreen fell for me at first sight. It has taken a lot of patience and love, but I have come out of my shell! I have a sister dog named Tasha and a cat named Rocco that washes me and sleeps with me! I am surrounded with love!


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     How sad summer is over. It always goes by so quickly. You all kept me pretty busy all summer long tho & I sure had fun visiting with so many of you. While I have your attention at the beginning here I want to mention a couple things. As of Sept. 9th, my AOL account has been officially canceled. Those of you who have the aol address in your address books be sure to change it as I will no longer be recieving the emails. The new address is: And another reminder- the web site also changed to
     The other thing is- I'm hoping all of you will look a couple months ahead & let me know if there is anyone planning a trip at the beginning of November. I'm thinking of taking my own vacation for the first time in the almost 8 years I've had this company but I don't want to leave any of my buddies untaken care of. As of now I'm planning on the first week of November, anywhere from the 2nd. to the 10th so if anyone needs my services during that time please let me know now as within the next couple weeks I would like to make my reservations.
     Now on to the fun stuff !! We have some new family members to mention!! I can't help but smile & giggle thinking of our newest--Sam!! Sam is a 7 week old Golden Retriever! He is soooo adorable! I love walking him in the yard & seeing him tripping over his own big feet!! Sam 's new home includes Debbie & her son Dan, & 2 cats- Nala & Simba! Watch out Fenny- you have competition now !! Speaking of Fenway- she has a new member in her house too only it's a human boy! Grant William finally arrived last week to waiting parents Chris & Bill ! I also spent some time with Fairy, Spaz, Sabrina & Casy who livewith Robin & her 2 daughters. They actually have lots of animals living in their house- 2 ferrets, mouse, fish, snake! & maybe more since a month or so hasgone by! The ferrets & mouse went elsewhere to be cared for & gratefully I didn't have to feed the snake, but curiosity did get the better of me & I looked in the cage for the snake. He was hiding tho so I never did see him. I may be grateful for that!! I'm not exactly fond of slithery animals, I prefer ones with fur! I was yanked down the street by a couple energetic snauzers- Mikey & Sandee ! I liked getting back in one piece so I could pet their calmer pet-Spooky! This gang lives with Jill (not me!) & her son. Sugar & Selena, living with Stephen & 2 finches were fun to visit even tho I didn't see much of Sugar. Just her tail scurrying away!
     Sadly we lost some fluffies also. I was extremely saddened when Hollie called to talk to me about her cat Max who was not doing well. Poor Max had quite a few things wrong with him & I'm afraid his body gave out before Hollie was ready. But it became obvious that Max wouldn't feel better until living in Rainbow Bridge with so many friends waiting for him. But Hollie's sad house didn't last long as just this week Viktor- a 5 year old cat from the Animal Service League found a new home with 5 other cats & a very loving Mom & Dad! Kudos to Hollie for giving a second chance to a loving older cat! I was deeply hurt to learn that one of my special buddies-Lucy passed away. She will be missed terribly by me & her Mom, but not so much by Lolly who seems to be enjoying his role as single cat! I got a note from Grace to let me know that awhile back she lost her kitty-Amanda. Carol called to tell me that her precious kitty Lucky left our family too. I'm so happy that Lucky accepted me & let me pet him before passing on. Finally Bogart who joined 4 other cats & Linda !
     I finally got to meet Charlie, a labrador who joined Peco & his family. I knew Charlie was one of our buddies but hadn't met him until last week. And what an introduction I had! On only my second visit I arrived very early in the morning & in the process of trying to get the collars & leashes attached to the boys Peco decided he didn't want to waste time peeing when outside-it was much more time-efficient to do 2 things at 1 time so he peed right there all over my shoes. So I got him ready & then attempted to leash up Charlie. Now that Peco was "empty" & ready to roll he went straight to the front door & with one big push opened the screen door & off he went! Charlie's brain registering this was way quicker than mine & he was off like a shot! I grabbed Peco's leash as I got outside but Charlie was free with no leash! & where is a favorite play spot for a young energetic labrador? The water of course!! & into the channel he went. Peco & I are having a discussion as to why he can't go in the water with his brother so after about 10 minutes when I could no longer hold Peco I took him back to the house. I cleaned up the earlier mess & then back outside hoping Charlie had enough swimming & was heading home. Right!! Wrong!! Now Charlie has swam down the channel- those ducks sure were fun to chase! & he wasn't far from the lake entrance! I'm on the other side of the channel calling for Charlie with no luck-why should he swim over to where he can walk out onto land when it's much more fun to be on the concrete dock side with no access?? Finally I had to get my own tricks out & I "retrieved" my secret weapon- the Pupperoni treats from the truck! That sure got Charlie's attention & thanks to some non-suspecting (I hope!) boat owner I got Charlie out by him jumping up on the diving platform of the back of a docked boat. Again I'm trying to hook the leash & of course wet dogs shake! Who has forgotten that at the beginning of this 25 min "game" my shoes were also peed on? So I spent the rest of the morning with pee soaked shoes & socks & reeking of stinky smelly lake water! Oh- of course we can't leave out the escape artist cats either-Thank you very much Maddy!! Maddy took off into the thicket along Long Pond. So I am canvassing the edges, paying more attention to seeing Maddy than where my feet are stepping when suddenly I find myself sliding down the bank & into the pond!! Seems the land jutted in & there was no place for the right foot to step! Now wet, bleeding & sweating as it is already almost 90 degrees out I continue my search. Around & round I went with Maddy letting out her occasional meow. Finally 1/2 hr later I decide that Maddy must be stuck in the thicket so I set off to do a complete circle around to find the best spot to get into & find her. I walk all along the edge up to the road, down the road around the other side into the tall grass- taller than me! Back down around the other way-every chance I see an opening going in to try to find poor scared stuck Maddy. I found more thorn bushes than any sigh of Maddy. I come back along the pond side- no, I did not forget the land drop! Very upset now for poor terrified stuck Maddy & desparately trying to rescue my beautiful girl, I am in a panic & tears. I come back around to the back yard & there is Maddy sitting at the door meowing her head off cause how DARE I not open the door to let her in! And I love this job because------????? hehehehehehe only kidding! I really do love my job! If nothing else it always funny- sometimes looking back rather than the present!
     I am grateful for all my non-eventful quiet buddies!! I'm exhausted reliving those ordeals so I will have this issue come to an end. Good Luck to my many school teacher customers who've headed back to work. I pray you all have a safe & productive school year. Happy Fall to all my buddies & their people! Looking foward to seeing every one of you soon!!


JILL & the Fluffy Gang


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