February 2003
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     HI, my name is Phoenix Marble Toe. I'm about 14 years old and well.. I hate to toot my own horn, but many people tell me I'm really handsome. I didn't always look this good though. Back about 12 years ago, I was roaming the streets in pretty bad condition trying to find someone to take me in. I had been declawed so couldn't fend for or feed myself. I came across a school and tried to convince one of the kids to take me. Fortunately some of them decided to bring me to Angela who saw through my matted fur, broken teeth and cuts and decided I would make a pretty special friend. Laura took me to the vet and then the groomer the next day and barely recognized me when they brought me out, all groomed and looking very handsome..
And the rest is history. I'm really happy in my home (now I have 6 brothers and sisters whom I love to groom and fuss over. I also keep everyone in line if they try to fight with each other or play too rough). I like to show my appreciation to my people by defending the house from intruders and visitors. Whenever anyone comes to visit, I follow them around growling, hissing and smacking their legs. When they start to figure out that to pet me usually involves donating blood, I lull them into a false sense of security by rubbing their legs and jumping into their lap. Then when they reach over to pet me - bam! (heh heh) I even like to scare off our cat-sitter Jill.
      One day I had her trapped on the porch for about 10 minutes when she came to feed us! The other cats were pretty mad because they wanted their food and to play, but I had a great time! (luckily Jill doesn't scare off easily and still loves to take care of us. Otherwise the other cats would've been really mad at me!!) Sometimes I get so enthusiastic in my protection duties that I bite my own people, especially Laura if she sneezes. For some reason, it irritates me when she does that... It's fun to watch these huge humans back off from lil old me!
      In case you're thinking I'm all bite and no purr, I really am very affectionate and love nothing better than sitting in a lap or gazing adoringly at Angela. After all, she's my hero.

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In Loving Memory



    My favorite fluffy buddy holiday!! I have soo many valentines in all of you! I think I am the luckiest person alive!

     I hope all of you are well & handling this awful weather. I beginning to think we will never see spring. I hope I'm wrong but I am one that sure is getting tired of all this snow & cold. I know some of you have mom & dads that go skiing & love this stuff which is fine with me because then I get to spend time with more of my buddies! My favorite winter activity- snuggling in front of my fireplace & wrapping the blanket around me. :)

     Things have been kind-a quiet lately. Not too many travelers---hmmmm---maybe others enjoy the same winter activity I do! I have met some new buddies that I will be visiting soon! Daphne & Chloe may need me to come & visit when their parents Jenene & Mark can't come home from work. I sure hope soon because they sure are a couple cute dogs. I met Cody, Luke & Snuggles with their mom Kim & "sister" Nicole. I'm hoping to go over to play this week but if not Kim says maybe soon. Sadly we lost Sidney recently. Poor Veronica tried so hard to make Sidney well but nothing seemed to help him so he went on to Rainbow Bridge to be with all our other lost buddies. I also got a note from Mary that we lost Sam. I'll never forget Sam as he was older when I met him & Mary told me he wasn't much for playing anymore. My first trip I grabbed one of his toys anyway & Sam started a game of tug-a-war right away! After we played about 10 minutes we both lay panting on the floor feeling our age!

     I got the biggest kick out of Molly when I arrived for my first visit & upon walking in the door there was no Molly to greet me as usual. So I walked into the kitchen & glancing into the family room I see Molly sitting on "her" new footstool ! She started meowing right away to make sure I noticed her new stool which of course I admired tremendously to her. Then she came into the kitchen with me & I start reading the note Bev left for me & in it she writes that Molly likes to spend time on the new stool ! I knew that- hehehehehe Molly always greeted me at the door the rest of the time! It's at times like these that I think of the unfortunate people that don't appreciate animals for their intelligence as well as their beauty. I shake my head in confusion when they try to convince me that animals don't think, remember or have feelings.

     I appreciate all the inquiries I get about Sarena & she loves being the center of attention! She is doing fantastic here! She seems to be bits & pieces of my girls that have passed. She loves everyone & never hisses or complains like Melissa was. She loves to get under the covers with me in bed like Katrina did. She is gutsy & tough & stubborn like Rebecca & she is a natural beauty like Jolena. I truly believe she was meant to be with me & live here & she has rounded out my family wonderfully. She has also reminded me how sweet all my customers are with the many positive thoughts I have recieved ! She wakes me up laughing every morning- first thing I do when I get up is feed the kittys. A few mornings ago some pieces of dry food fell on the floor & Sarena took off catching them & eating them. Up til then I would have a heck of a time trying to keep her eating her kitten chow rather than the adult food. Now I have solved that by purposely throwing food all around for her to pounce on! The funniest part is that before I have the food out she is at my feet running around in circles looking for the food that hasn't fallen yet! As much as I try I have to laugh at her!

     Speaking of funny-- this is a little off the ordinary but I had a very funny dream last nite. I was shopping in a department store & was ready to leave when I remembered there was something else I needed. So I was walking thru the store looking for the item. Then it jumped to me outside walking to my truck. There was an eerie looking guy hanging around so I started to walk faster. Sure enough the guy got behind me & came running so I started screaming for Max. Ok--how many are saying-hey-this isn't funny? Welll------ guess where Max was????? He was in a backpack on my back!!!!! Just like those little dogs people carry in tote bags with just their heads sticking out! I woke up at that point-probably from laughing so hard!

     I guess that will end this newsletter. I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day! I will have a special little valentine place in my heart for each & everyone of you! Stay warm & healthy & I hope to get to see you all very soon!


JILL & the Fluffy Gang

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