January 2003
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In Loving Memory

Happy New Year

Fluffly Buddies!!!

     I hope everyone had wonderful holidays! Mine were very busy visiting you! But I'm not complaining because I had a blast with the fluffy buddies I spent time with. Christmas Day wasn't much fun driving-thankfully I have my 4x4 & I had no trouble. One good thing about working on the holidays is there isn't much traffic on the road! Then I would come home & in my mail were lots of cards & notes from all of you! So many!! You guys-you all spoiled me with my gifts & warm wishes & I thank each & every one of you with all my heart!
 I read an interesting article in the December 2002 issue of Dog & Kennel magazine- The ASPCA has a new phone in line with "recorded information on more than 125 medical, behavioral, nutritional & a variety of other topics". And it's Free! It's called ANI-MED (tm). You can get a free copy of the topic directory by calling 610-254-7963. You can also access the information on their web site www.aspca.org .
     We added to our family already for the new year! I'm currently visiting with Jody while mom-Kim is in China! Not to get excited tho because she is there working & she told me not a lot of time for site-seeing & not the best places in China either. Jody who is 14 ! is having fun staying safe & warm right in his own home. I only see him in the AM & he has other friends who then visit him thru out the day. I started Shelby this past weekend. Maureen warned me ahead of time that Shelby was not very nice to strangers coming into his home & I may not want to take on the job! Well- as Shelby & mom now joined our buddy family & will be reading the newsletters she will soon see that I am quite used to kittys like that-- eh hem- Max, Olivia, Bitsie, Chloe, Sophie, Phoenix & others will attest too! Besides-it turned out Shelby is not that bad since I was already petting him on my 2nd visit! :) As long as we are on the subject of
the not so co-operative kittys--Mickey! Yes, another new one who is diabetic & wanted to make it extremely clear to me that no one could give him his shot better than dear dad-John. Not to worry tho- I managed to get every injection he had coming without being torn to shreds! It took some coniving on my part but we got it done! We have another Rotty joining our family- a 2x a week walk I take with Sabrina! I've only been walking her for about a month but she sure knows my name & when I get there she is bouncing & ready to go! Her mom Bernice is home when I go walk Sabrina so I have someone I can share our adventures with right away. hehe Penny added a kitty to her & Shaq's home! Fozzy was found wandering around her neighborhood & she tried to find his people but no one claimed him so he has a new home now.
     I also got a note from Arlene that her Freddy passed away. But she already went & got 2 older kittys Lili & Lizzi !! How nice that adult cats found a great home.
     Well wishes go to Hollie who had back surgery-ouch! I saw her a couple
weeks ago since I was going to give Yummy her fluids while Hollie was in the hospital. Both Yummy & Hollie are doing wonderful! Hollie also announced sheis getting married ! & then I found out so is Lucky's mom Sherry! Best wishes for Sherry & Walt & Hollie & Steve!! And recovery wishes to my Mom who has been in the hospital since 12/9. So to those of you who may have had to wait a little longer for a return phone call or email-I apologize. I've been stretched a little thin with everything going on with holidays & hospitals & working! Hopefully everything will settle down soon. Because of all this I seem to be having a mental block on anything to write for this months newsletter so sorry that this is short. But I will end now & get this posted on the web before the 2nd half of the month passes me by too!
     Stay warm everyone! Looking foward to seeing you all in this upcoming year!


JILL & the Fluffy Gang



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