June 2003
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In Loving Memory


    How is everyone enjoying this so called Spring we are having? Sure hasn't been a very good one. It has been nice for walking so I have been having fun with my mid-day walkers. I got the "bad" news on my foot--sigh. I do have a stress fracture so I have to wear the special shoe for at least another 2 weeks. The good news is thedoctor gave me a smaller shoe, the size of a sneaker instead of the tall clompy one I was wearing so it is more comfortable. I still can't rollerblade or do any other exercise so Max & I are sitting around getting fat! And Max's energy-wow!! He needs to run, run run!
     For some updates- the mom eagle in Washington state that I watch on the video cam had layed 1 egg & was sitting on it but last week she abandoned the egg & the nest. :( There will be no Washington eaglet but the other video somewhere in the northeast the eaglet is growing & should be ready to fly any day!                     

     Also the Kodak falcons have hatched & are still balls of fluff if you want to

     Best wishes to Hollie & Steve who were married last month! I watched their kittys, Eadie, Eddie, Abby, Pumpkin, Yummy & Viktor while they honeymooned. My instructions were to feed all the kittys 1 can of 9-lives in the AM & then just Yummy a little of Fancy Feast in the PM. Huh??? Just Yummy? Now can someone explain to me how do you feed 1 cat canned food when there are 5 other cats who are strangling your ankles & climbing up your side??? I did ask for an explanation from Hollie but all the help I got from her was that she was their mother! Ohhh- big help!! Needless to say the kittys got quite spoiled with their pet sitter as I had no choice but to feed all of them at nite as well. It was that or I would spend a week being 1 very large walking kitty scatching post! Speedy recovery to Dorothy! She is home now to the delite of Tigger who missed his mom tremendously. Tigger was such a good boy- he likes to go outside so I would tell him how long he could be outside before I had to leave & like clockwork he would be at the door. This went on for a couple weeks & then on Memorial Day Tigger ran out the door when I arived & that was it. He was off on kitty duty not to be seen or heard from. After 5 trips back to see if Tigger was back I set up a bed for the night. Next AM-no Tigger. Oh how I hated to have to tell his Mom in the hospital that Tigger was missing, but Dorothy knowing Tigger & how he likes his adventures was very sweet to me. Later that evening Tigger returned home-whew! I get in the house, welcome him home & cover him in kisses & what does he do?? He goes straight to the door to be let out!!! I told him sorry Tigger-not in this millenium! Then he got MAD at ME! sigh. I really love kittys who keep my ego in check.
     Lots of new buddies to welcome this month! I only had to make 1 visit but it was enough for me to fall in love with Phil & Jesse. Jesse is another of my special-diabetic kittys. I hope Diane & Scott go away again (hehehe) so I can spend more time with these cuties. Another diabetic kitty- Marty & his sister Missy live with Shannon & what sweeties they are! Missy was a little shy but I got to pet her a bit & we had a blast with Cat Dancer! Marty
played some but really prefers to be king on his couch & be pampered in every way imaginable! Masque on the other hand prefers to take seriously her role of attack cat! She is a beautiful Somali & I tried very hard to get her to like me. She would take treats from my hand & then promptly turn around & smack me! Michelle warned me but you know me! I'm looking foward to seeing Masque again & winning her love! Or at least it's another ego bubble burster!
     I always love to announce that we did not loose any fluffy buddies to Rainbow Bridge this month!
     Now that summer is about to arrive it's a good time to remind all my fluffy buddies that those big huge water bowls in the back yards are not & you must be very careful not to fall in! Unless of course you are a labrador or other water-loving breed of dog! The rest of you-it is not the most pleasant experience for your people that to have to pull a water logged furry fluffy pet out of the water! Believe me-I've done it! So far Max has not fallen in our pool this year but since he really is not the brightest dog I will expect him to until the cover goes back on for the winter. We also need to be careful around those hot grills & not to stuff ourselves too much on all that people food like hots, hamburgers, potato salad, etc.! For you inside only kittys- lets stay away from those open doors! Sometimes people forget to look down when they are opening doors & since you think that outside is soooo cool off you go. But outside can be scary for those of you who haven't seen it. Summer is a time when windows & doors are open & lots of traffic coming in & out so kittys-do your part too & just stay away! Also-remind your people to make sure those screens on the windows are tight & secure so that when you bang on it trying to catch that birdy out there you don't go falling out!
     This time of year always reminds me of Melissa. She loved my mom's potato salad along with the rest of us. My sister tho doesn't like the cut up celery mom puts in so she would always pile it off to the side! I would tease my sister because her plate would be cleared except for the pile of celery. I loved to have the left over potato salad for lunch & many times Melissa would join me when she smelled the potato salad. One lunch I was in a hurry so put a spoon full in a dish for Melissa & then gobbled mine down quickly. As I went to pick up Melissa's dish there was an empty plate with a pile of celery off to the side!!!
     I will end this newsletter now as I will be writing July's a bit early. My web-master who puts it up on the web page will be going on vacation at the end of June so hopefully he will get the new one up before he goes. So fluffy-buddies--I need some ideas so how about some cute antics during these next few weeks??


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