March 2003
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In Loving Memory


     Could it be---is Spring finally coming?? I sure hope so !! This has been a tough winter for all of us-except of course those indoor kittys. There sure were a lot of LKLD (Lucky Kitty Lecture Days!) I always have to laugh at the indoor kittys who have already heard the lecture because the next time I see them & start the lecture they turn their heads away & their ears go way back!! I guess they feel it's their right to be indoors & they don't want to hear about it.
I was talking with a future customer & he told me of a great idea for stopping his dog from "going" in the house when they were out. He simply puts a doggie diaper on the dog! If the dog does go the diaper catches it, but most times he doesn't go because he learned that if he does he has to be "in" it until his people come home. I thought it was such a great idea I had to share. He has great success with this method so if anyone else tries it I'd be happy to get your results too to pass along!.
     I had so much fun with Cody, Luke & Snuggles last month! Poor Cody tho was so scared the first time I came. He hid in the bedroom & barked & barked. Luke was even trying to get him to come out! Finally he came out & went outside
but now he wouldn't come in! They have a doggy door into the garage & he would come to the door there but when I went to open it he ran around to the other back door. When I went there he ran to the garage. So after awhile I left both doors open then hid myself in the corner of the kitchen. Cody snuck in thru the garage, not seeing me he started in & my coat was hanging on the doorknob which he promptly started sniffing. All of a sudden-light bulb! He must of remembered the smell from when I was there meeting his people because his tail went up & started wagging like crazy & he came running over to me sitting very close for his belly rub! From that point on we were best friends. Luke is friends with anyone you will play with him! And Snuggles followed me around which I thought was because he liked me but later found out from Kim that he does that when someone feeds him ! hahaha
     I got a sad phone call from Sandy that we lost Calica recently. The cats there are all strays that Sandy & Niles rescued & they aren't very friendly prefering to hide from anyone but their people. But this last time I cared for them Calica would find a perch way up high & watch my every move. As long as I didn't see her--so she thought-- she would stay there. But if I lifted my head & said anything to her as soon as I looked away she was gone. I know she will feel safe up in Rainbow Heaven with all her new friends & hopefully not be as shy. She was a beautiful kitty & I will miss her.

     Ellen emailed me the other day to let me know that Ally joined Dusty at their
house! Ally is another very lucky kitty adopted from Lollypop Farm! I'm so looking foward to meeting her & visiting with Dusty soon!
     On a funny note- I cared for Chewy the deer chasing Chow a few weeks ago. The snow was way too deep in the yard & the park so we had to change our walk route & walk down a busy raod til we got to the side street. Max walks along with Chewy so the first couple times was pretty scary for me trying to keep the 2 of them out of the road. Chewy has gone blind in one eye which makes it even worse because a lot of times she doesn't know where she is going. They learned after only a short time that when we were on the main raod we walked in a straight line with no sniffing &
a fast pace. Max would always get on the road side & keep Chewy on the walk! Then when we neared the side road Max would sometimes jog ahead a little to get the first sniffs in the bushes. So here we were walking along with Max walking iin front of Chewy when he stopped to sniff. Chewy not being able to see kept right on walking right into Max's backend!! They both jumped off all 4 paws! HAHAHAHA Those are the times that I wish I could mount a video camera on my head!
     Next month will be Easter already & I have a whole lot of you scheduled for me to see! I'm sooo excited! So until then- enjoy the Spring weather coming!! We are gonna have a whole lot of muddy paws running around! I will be sure to be wearing dark clothes when I come to visit :)


JILL & the Fluffy Gang

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