November 2003
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     My name is Tasha. I am 13 years old, but I don't act it. When I was a puppy, my Daddy and Mommy found me at Lollypop Farms, and brought me home. I was so happy to be in their house, I left a little gift under the table!
     One of my favorite things to do is to dig holes in the yards. Mommy and Daddy don't like it, but in the summertime it is a very cool and comfortable spot to lay.
     Sometimes Daddy and I play "tag" in the yard. I run at him and he will touch me and say "tag", and run away. Then I will chase him. We will do this three or four times, then play ball.
     I also like to say hello to everyone that passes by the house. The maillady, the deliveryman, even the kids on the street. I can't help it. I am a very friendly dog. When I wag my tail my Daddy calls it my "killer tail" because it goes so fast! My bestest friend is Molly. She is my sister that lives with me. She came from a shelter and we have fun together. Daddy is always giving up snacks when we come in, because we sit and give him our "poor little us" look. It works every time!
     I also live with 4 cats who run and jump around all the time. But they don't bother my too much. They are fun to watch.
     Well, that's about it. I hope you liked learning about me and my family. As far as I am concerned, my Mommy and Daddy are my "Pets of the Month!"



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Fluffy Buddies

     Is everyone getting excited for the coming holidays?? I am but because I will get to see so many of you! Those of you who are staying
with their families for the holidays must remember the safety rules. I know we have been over these before but we have a lot of new fluffy buddies so it's worth reviewing again. Remember as tasty as they smell absolutely no turkey bones or any other brittle bones for you dogs! You have to keep those noses out of the garbage!! For you cats- please try to restrain yourself from climbing the holiday tree & decorations! I know it's very hard so maybe your parents will place all those breakable ornaments away from your paws & put softy type near the bottom of the tree. I always anchor my tree to the wall as well because I often look at my decorated tree & find an ornament that I don't remember putting on the tree--hmmmm-seems to look a lot like my kittys!! I'm reading a lot this year about how dangerous it is to our pets if they drink the water that the tree sits in. Now I know a lot of you let your pets drink that water & truthfully I didn't realize either that it is very dangerous. It can cause organ failure & death! So lets try to keep tongues outa that tree water! Of course there is the ribbons, bows, paper, scissors etc that we have to be careful don't end up cutting or being swallowed by curious or playful furries. I think you get the idea- with just a little observation & preparation we can all have a happy healthy holiday season & none of our fluffy family will end up hospitalized.
     Speaking of all the new fluffy buddies-I just finished visiting with Bo & Henny! Boy did we have fun. I wasn't to thrilled that every time Bo & I went for a walk it was pouring out but Bo didn't seem to be bothered by the rain or the fact that my feet got soaked as he was pulling me thru the puddles & into the grass trying to get to the woods. Last week I started a midday let out for Tessa-9 week old Golden Retriever! She is precious!, but I'm sure a handful for Sue & Bill. We go out for a walk which is constantly being interrupted by the leaves that Tessa just has to go meet! I had a great time meeting Teddy & Sammy living with Eadie! She hasn't gone anywhere yet but I sure am looking foward to my first visits with them. Also I will be visiting with Molson soon when Sue & Gene go away. I know Molson & I will have a blast!
     Then we have those we lost to Rainbow Bridge. I had 3 I found out just today! I was very sad. Lady after 19 yrs with Kathy & Dick has passed on. IttyBitty, one of my favorite little rabbits left at after an 8 yr life with Melissa
& Rich. My sweet buddy Cosmo passed this AM. I will truly miss him as much as Chris & Mike. My tough guy-Max, who did not like me giving him his insulin went on where hopefully he is well & sunning himself, but leaving my tears behind along with Chris & Kurt. Lastly we bid a farewell to a special kitty Sunset Sans. He was the kitty that decided to stay in the yard of Angela & Laura's house. A few months ago I mentioned Sunset in the hopes of finding him a happy home. Well, he did- right there where he chose! He was so happy those last few months & knew such love from them.
     The last week before Sunset passed he was declining & needed medication in the hopes of his recovery. So I was stopping over to give him his pill. One morning I had just sat at the table when I heard a
meowing from outside. I thought it was Sunset since the other 7 kittys living with Angela & Laura are strictly indoor kittys. So I signed to Angela that I hear a kitty meowing. She went to the window & to her horror there was Boo-her indoor kitty outside! We both ran out frantically to find that Boo went under the house. I was coaxing Boo out & as he got close I realized he had red streaks running thru his white fur. So calmly but with restraint I pulled Boo out & immediately noticed this bubble of blood on his side. We rushed him back inside & naturally Boo ran downstairs to hide. Angela got Laura & I told them Boo had better get to a Veternarian right away because that bubble could be a bite from another animal & since is wasn't bleeding meant it was closed & there could be infection & abcess. He needed to be seen quickly. In the meantime Boo had come back upstairs & was happily eating. I started calling the Vets-the first one said no they were booked but we could leave him & they would check him when they could. No, we wanted to be there for Boo. The 2nd one said they had appointment that afternoon but Angela had to work so we said we'll call back. The 3rd one said yes they could see Boo in 45 min. Laura then tells me that Boo is terrified of the carrier & if he sees it he will run & hide. So I got Boo's favorite-chicken & was keeping him busy while Laura brought the carrier up. When it was ready I picked up Boo & plopped him in-whew.. Not quite- Boo went crazy-throwing himself on the sides of the carrier. Poor guy-we told him it was for his own good. I ran out to pill Sunset & when I came back in Laura told me that the blood bubble had came off Boo & was stuck to the top of the carrier. OK- now I'm trying to be "professional" here but the truth of the matter is I do not do well with blood! You see there were really 2 reasons I did not touch the blood bubble-one of course is infection but the other equally important was simply that I would pass out! Now I found out that both Laura & Angela are the same! well what a great trio we are!! So I quickly decided as much as I felt it important the Dr. should examine the blood bubble there was no way I was going to touch that & stay concious so I excused myself to the bathroom! I'm also realizing-from experience that if that bubble is off it left a hole in Boo's side that is now bleeding profusely. So also not wanting to risk Boo's escape from the carrier I expected just to start on our way to Vets. I come out of the bathroom to see Laura sitting next to the carrier with this pained grossed out look on her face-holding her finger in the air with the blood bubble on it. Yuckkkk! She said altho she wanted to faint she felt that for Boo's sake she must save this evidence so she reached in & grabbed the-- what?? eeek-she is holding it up to her mouth--- ok the room is spinning when she announced-- what??? It was a TOMATO !!! Boo had rolled in the tomatoes!! He wasn't attacked at all or hurt! After I'm sure about 30 seconds of none of us moving-we are simply staring at this tomato with our heads tilted & mouths hanging open trying to absorb this bit of information we all just burst out laughing! Poor Boo was released from his carrier making sure we all knew the indignity we put him thru. Well let me tell you that was nothing to how I felt when I had to call the Dr. back to cancel the appointment ! Boy I tell you what a great time to be deaf! Me the hearing person had to make that call ! I am just so grateful that we discovered that before we were in the exam room- Can you imagine the Dr telling us that Boo was a salad cat??
      Ohhh the day in the life of a pet sitter! I am sooo thankful for my fluffy buddies & the daily laughs I get from them. So you can all now hug your furry family & be thankful for them being a part of your life, because without that love what else matters? After all- The Most Precious Things in Life---are not Things!
     Wishing you all the happiest Thanksgiving & may all you be blessed with family & friends & most important -laughs from our Fluffy Buddies!


JILL & the Fluffy Gang




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