October 2003
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Suzie Q & Johnny B Goode

     For years my husband Dennis called his father every night at 7:00pm just when the music for Law and Order came on. My father in law is now is a nursing home. Every night at 7:00pm when the music comes on Suzi Q growls and looks at Dennis, she is waiting for him to get up and call his father. It is really funny to watch her. Also, when the phones rings, she growls and runs to the phone, she is going to be 10 years old in December, it doesn't seem possible. Johnnie Be Good will be 14 in January, he has some issues with his heart and is on heart medicine and also lasix for the fluid, he has been really good about trying not to go in the house. I love all my pets.


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In Loving Memory


     We are now back into our eeerie month when all the ghosts & goblins come out! On the 31st they will be coming to the doors for their treats so lets hope any of you that will get scared & possibly escape the "terror" will make sure your owners put you safely in another room. A special warning to all my wonderful black cats out there too to be extra careful this month because there are a lot of very strange humans who like to grab the black cats for their stupid ritualistic practices.
     My vacation is officially planned- I will be gone after lunch on Nov. 10th thru late afternoon on Nov. 15th. Again I apologize for taking a vacation 2 years in a row but I really need some quiet time to rest & clear my head. It's been a hard year for me. I never expected so many things in one year to hit me. I've already talked to couple of you who have accepted Angela & Laura to visit with their pets & for any more of you who may be planning a get-away during that week they are available. I will be going to the same bed & breakfast in Ithaca with Max. I want to find some nice scenic trails so we can just walk & have no deadlines!
     We have some new buddies to welcome to our fluffy family! I stopped in to visit with Tom, Bobby & Stink last weekend & will see them again this week! Bobby is one of those sweet black cats that just likes to lay on his pillow & be spoiled ! Tom is a little shy but I will get thru to him! hehe & Stink luved his mouse & kept himself busy throwing it all around the room! I am visiting while their Mom got married! Congrats to Michelle & Rob! I had a wonderful time with Precious- a deaf kitty that lives with mom Joyce. She is soo sweet. One night I gave her a catnip rope & she had so much fun. The next morning when I arrived I could not find Precious. I searched & searched & was starting to panic when I finally found her behind the plant totally zonked out with her rope! I did notice when I walked in that the rope was missing too!
      Ohh-such an adorable puppy-Patch! Patch now lives with Lori & John & Snowball the kitty! Both Patch & Snowball are white! Because Patch is still a baby they are about the same size & they are so cute. One morning they were playing chase each other around the deck steps! Remember when I told you last month about the 5 week old kitten that Sandy brought home from her trip to give to her niece? hehe How did I now that Sandy has now added Biscuit to her family! I met Bosun & Henny who live with Pat & Bill. I haven't visited them yet but I'm hoping their parents will go away soon so Bo, Henny & I can have some fun! I also met Shadrach & ShowBiz while Vi & Phil left! We had so much fun with throwing Mice-ys!! They are great kittys but Vi was a bit surprised over the influx of "mice" during that weekend! haha Now she tells me she puts them in a bowl & Shadrach helps himself to them & tosses them around! Lastly I had the joy of watching puppy Golden Retriever Lucy! I kept calling for Emma to come & help but she ignored me-- she seemed very pleased that Lucy was chewing on someone other than her!!
     If any of you are looking for some unique gifts & want to do a little early Holiday shopping- GRASP (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets) is having a Gift Basket Auction on Nov. 8th ! I have sponsored 2 baskets to be raffled off- One is a Cat Supplies basket- I included a tote bag, toys, a shedding comb, book, etc in the basket. The other one I sponsored a grand basket- Two for Tea- in memory of my Mom. I will try to be there for awhile & hope some of you can stop by too! Here is the email I recieved to pass along with all the details:
     Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets (GRASP)--a nonprofit, animal rescue organization--invites the community to attend its Holiday Gift Basket Auction on November 8, 2003, from 1-5 p.m. at Greece Olympia High School, 1139 Maiden Lane in Greece. The auction is free and open to the public; 100% of auction proceeds directly benefit GRASP and the homeless animals it serves.
      At the event, a number of beautifully-designed, "grand gift baskets" will be live-auctioned off by Democrat and Chronicle Columnist Carol Ritter Wright. Each grand basket features a popular theme, (new baby, golf, engagement, pasta lovers, Barbie Doll, wine & cheese, housewarming, cat/dog lovers, etc.), and will make a special gift for someone on every holiday shopping list. An Invisible Fence pet containment system (valued at $900) will also be auctioned off!
      Lots of smaller gift baskets and other gift items and certificates will also be up for bid in a silent auction and raffled-off throughout the event. In addition, local home-based vendors (representing companies such as Discovery Toys, Tastefully Simple, Home & Garden, Pampered Chef, Creative Memories, Mary Kay, Cookie Lee, etc.) will be on-hand to sell their most popular products. The community is invited to bring along holiday shopping lists and "help GRASP help the homeless animals."
     I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe Halloween! Keep dishing out that candy so no tricks are played on you! I was listening to the radio one AM when the DJ was reading a list from a dentist about the worse to best treats to give the kids ranking by how healthy, good for teeth etc. Of couse the best treats to give are sunflower seeds & other non-candy treats! I was laughing so hard because the DJ was saying if he gave out the items that were best on that list he'd have trouble getting out of his house the next AM due to the toilet paper wrapped around it & the eggs thrown! hahahahaha So true!!! Oh heck- we can spoil the kids 1 day a year! So have fun!




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