April 2004
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   I know if I didn't have Max to play with this bundle of energy I would've been dragged into the mud myself by now! The hardest part about these 2 best friends was recently Trooper went to some friends house while his owners traveled. I had to still go to the house to visit with Jake & Brody. How do you explain to Max that his best romping, wrestling, chasing, playing buddy is NOT in the house! When I came back out Max would throw himself on the seat of the truck & pout the rest of the day! Since the snow melted I have become a master on getting out of the way when these 2 mud balls with paws come running by! Anyone got a portable hose??

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In Loving Memory


     This is Suzi- I'm helping Mom this month because she is so busy getting her desk & other business things in order before she gets really really busy! She already warned us kittys that we weren't going to see much of her in a couple weeks. We are half sad because we will miss mommy- but the other half is doing happy dancing because that miserable rotten beast will be with her. I've been having some conversations with Shaney & Sidney to see if we can some how rig up the door on mommy's truck so that when she turns a corner the door falls open & Max falls out! Hopefully Mommy won't notice & that'll be it! 1-2-3: gone is he !! hehehehe The others: Sammy, Shey & Sarena won't help because they say he's not all that bad. Geeeez- he must be running one of those brainwashing cult things! Guess I'll have to start some deprogramming when they are gone a lot. Sigh- I know it will cut into my already busy schedule, but I suppose someone has to make the sacrifice & I will give up 1 out of my 17 naps for a good cause. Well, enough of that subject- I shudder to even mention his name- ick!!!!
   You want to hear about our horrible traumatic few weeks? It was a horror story- not to be read if you are sensitive about disgusting things. It was around 6 weeks ago when one night there was a terrible crash! The absolute worse-- our outside fell in! I'm not sure the exact way to describe- mommy says something about chicken wire?? Sometimes I don't know how she gets through a day-I know for a fact that I or none of us have EVER seen a chicken out there! Believe me-we would know & we would have a mighty tasty dinner that day! The only way I can explain it is the sky fell down! Sky is up -right? Well-daddy put a bunch of things in our entrance to the outside & we pushed & pushed but we couldn't go out! I'm sure many of you are now squeeming & wish you hadn't read this but I warned you! So we had to stay in this house under arrest for days & weeks! Sidney & Sarena did make a daring escape one day- I slept thru it, sigh. It wasn't for long because daddy saw them & started running around yelling & mommy went out & chased them back inside where daddy then sealed back up the door. oh- our door, not mommy's -she got back in! So for many days we stared forlornly out the glass holes that we can't get thru. Then finally one day daddy came with new sky & we were free again! Just in time too because one of our favorite things to do in alll the world is see which one of use can leave the longest trail of muddy paw prints!!
None of us can keep up with mommy tho this year- she comes home every time almost with mud all over her. She's a silent game participant tho because she keeps blaming dog buddys- sigh, poor lady is in denial. But she is wayyyy ahead of the rest of us in the mud game. We laughed really hard one day when she came home with mud on the back & side of her shirt! That was funny enough but then she was mumbling about how she had worn a coat & somehow a dog's muddy paws got under her coat & onto her shirt & she didn't know until she was following a nurse into her doctor's exam room! hahahahahahahaha There she was in front of lots of people covered in dog mud prints!! Oh my, we just laughed & laughed until nap time! I'm not sure who that dog is but he wins paws down the Muddy Print contest! So most of our days we watch mommy go out, come home, change clothes, go out, come home, change clothes, etc etc etc! I think we need kitty-chiropractors for our necks! Then there is the dog we pay to beat up-eeks, I wasn't suppose to say that-anyone know how to delete?? no,darn-- buddys- disregard that last statement- there is a dog that plays with Max & knocks him down in the mud & mom says they roll around & around & when they are done the other dog who is a Trooper yellow lab becomes a Trooper chocolate lab! At this points she laughs but I don't understand-anyone out there can tell me-What is a Trooper?
   Sometimes when mommy comes home she has these papers in her bag she calls contracts (?) To me they are paper, sometimes I don't understand how that lady gets thru life. I've seen her type into this the names that are on those papers so here goes: Lawrence, Gussy, Sable & Cleo, Bella, Louie, Sonny & Max, Emma, Wimsey & Dickens, Kobe & Jessie. Ok-what else? what? ooopss- wait, sammy saying something------------------------- OHHHHH--hehe -sorry, I thought she just listed the names but Sammy tells me I'm supposed to say something about them. hmmmmm. They are cats or dogs. Ok & on to--- huh? wha----------- This is Sammy- The first 4 of mom's new buddys are beautiful kittys that she visited recently. Lawrence is a kitty like Shey & Suzi- a Birman! & he is 19 yrs old! wow!! Gussy she says she only saw hiding in a corner, but Sable & Cleo were out for petting & toys! The rest of the names are new buddys mom met but hasn't visited with them yet so there will be more about them in upcoming newsletters. OK-back to Suzi now, I have a dog to aggrevate til he chases me so I can watch him get yelled at! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Suzi here again- soo sorry! Wow, I didn't know all that, must have been busy pruning my gorgeous fur during those parts of her letters. Speaking of which- I should get back to that because any minute nowwill be time for my nap.
   I know Mommy would want to say for all of you to have a very Happy, Safe & Fun Filled Easter! Mommy will see many of you in a few days & she is very very happy about that! I'm sure she will be back next month!

SUZI (fill in editor) & the rest of the FLUFFYPAW GANG & MOMMY too!!



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