February 2004
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     I recently finished caring for Tig and I came up with his nikname about half thru his people's vacation. I'm sure that Tig is the most dog like cat I have ever met! He walks like a bull dog!! And forget any sneaky cats with this big boy- he stomps. In fact there were times when I came in the front door & swore someone else was in the house walking around upstairs. Nope, turns out it was Tig! If I am sitting petting him & I stop he just doesn't butt my hand like most cats, or use a paw. He puts his head under my arm & smacks it up ! As you can see, he is no little cat. He is a bruiser! But at the same time there isn't a mean bone in his body. He is soo sweet & loves to be snuggled & petted--oh yes and fed! In the nice weather when he has been outside & I come he will come running as fast as he can to me purring away & rubbing me all over. Yes, Tig is a big, tough, Bruiser -- softy! :) That's OK-I love him just the way he is. I get a lot of laughs from this guy. He is well deserving of the Bruiser Kitty Award.

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In Loving Memory


     Smootchy kissys & lots of hugs to all my Valentine's! I hope you get smothered in love on Saturday! But nooo chocolate! Keep those little noses out of those pretty red boxes! Last month I mentioned how many dogs like to burrow in the snow-well, I think the record holder of that is Tessa. She dives right in & gets so deep you can't see her! All you see is the snow rippling on top while she tunnels under the snow. Then she goes up on top of the big piles & dives down & slides all the way to the bottom coming out covered in snow with a big smile on her face! I keep telling her she makes me cold just watching her! So many of the dogs just don't seem to notice how cold it is out there. They just want to play & play & I have to drag them in before they get frostbite! Pretty goofy as far as I am concerned-me who's favorite winter sport is wrapping up in a blanket in front of the fireplace! I guess our winter is not over - I hear another big artic cold is going to hit us next week. Ahhh-just in time for when lots of you will be out of town & I will be walking the dogs. It will be fun to see many of you so I'm not complaining. (much!) hehe
     One of our fluffy buddie's Mom & Dad have started a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning business! We all need that especially this spring when all the snow turns to mud. If any one is interested I have their business card to give you & Hollie &
Steve have offered anyone mentioning that they are part of the FluffyPaw family a 10% discount!! I visited with their kitty gang while they went for training & Viktor showed me his version of the laser toy. I opened the refrigerator & the light shone thru the crack of the door onto the opposite wall. Viktor came running to chase the light! He was up on his hind legs with front paws outstretched & he looked so funny! So I stood there for awhile-hoping no one could see me- as I opened & closed the door over & over so Viktor could play. I'm sooo easy to train!
I was excited to go visit with Shaq & Fozzy & I knew Max would be overjoyed to see his buddy. When I read the note it said Shaq won't walk tho because he doesn't like the ice. How was I supposed to explain this to Max & Shaq who were both bouncing & whining in excitement? I took Shaq out to the truck & let Max out telling them that we would just hang around in the yard for awhile. As I'm telling them this I am walking over to the yard with the dogs lagging behind me because they had to greet each other first. Suddenly I realized I am sliding backwards down the driveway because both dogs were heading for the sidewalk! I told Penny next time to leave the note for Shaq! Maybe he felt more secure because Max was with him but the 2 of them had a blast searching thru the snow & climbing the piles. And I kinda slid along with them. I have taken one good fall so far this winter-sigh. I was walking Sabrina when suddenly I was in the air & then on the ground. Sabrina came running back -sweet girl. Altho I'm not convinced if she was as concerned about me or that the treats in my pocket were OK!
     This week I will be visiting with a couple new members of our fluffy family. Pooh & Bob I'm sure will keep me busy while I am there & I'm looking foward to getting to know them better. I'll be visiting with Pinky, Zeke & Bodhi who are long time buddies, but now I will be caring for Sylvester, Zippy & Annabelle too! I can hardly wait til March when I will be visiting with Sammy & Sasha! They are adorable & I know we will become fast friends.
     Glad to report that shy little Captain is now my best pal! I think he was holding out at the end for more treats, but he finally relented & we have tons of fun. In fact I was walking him & Molson down a very quiet, but a through road, this week & I was on the center yellow line-arms outstretched- since Captain wanted to walk down one side & Molson the other. Then they decided to both stop & poop! Oh
my how I prayed a car wouldn't come down the road!!
  Sad news from Gail & Gary that their dear Bitsie passed on to Rainbow Bridge. She was one of my special cats & I share in their grief. I was saddened when Veronica let me know that Cassie passed away. I never had the chance to meet Cassie, I was due to meet her when she passed.
     I hope all of you going away have a great time. The rest of us will continue to brave the winter I guess! Hopefully the next time I write I'll be talking about the beautiful weather we are having--wishes, wishes!



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