January 2004
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Picasso's Mom told me the story of her return home after hip surgery. She had been in the hospital for a lengthy stay so she and Picasso were thrilled to be back home together. It wasn't long that they settled back to thier normal lives but there was one hitch. Maureen needed to have physical therapy & the therapist would be coming to the house to help with the exercises. On her first arrival Picasso promptly jumped up on Maureen & would not allow the therapist to come near! Before Maureen could get her needed therapy the poor therapist needed to befriend Picasso! That did eventually happen & therapy was provided but Picasso was always with his mom during the sessions in case his job of protecting his mom was required! Beware of Picasso !!! Congratulations Picasso- you have well earned your title of Most Protective Kitty

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In Loving Memory

Hi Fluffy Buddies & Happy 2004!

       Now the holidays are over & hope everyone had a great time! You guys sure kept me busy but it was great seeing so many of you. I was glad that the weather co-operated at least thru my busy time but it sure is making up for it now! I feel like a popsicle out walking with the dogs! I have so many clothes on that I suppose if I did fall I would just roll around on the ground like a WobblyWeeble! So many of you dogs don't seem to mind the cold -brrrr! My Max loves to go out & roll around & get snow all over him then come back in with snow coating his face! Yuck! I keep telling him he makes me cold just looking at him but he smiles! I do have to be careful tho with you snow dogs & can't keep you out too long because we don't want any frost bitten paws! I was visiting with Charlie & Peco & Charlie was enjoying catching his tennis balls or searching for them through the snow but a couple times the ball got feeze-stuck to his mouth! A couple times I thought I'd have to bring him home to thaw before the ball would release. I've noticed how many dogs love the burrow deep into the snow with their heads & come up eating it & it makes me cautious to always check out the area first & make sure there is no spilled antifreeze where they are playing. It never seems to me to that I should stop warning of this dangerous product-I guess knowing how little it takes to kill a dog is so scary to me that I must keep reminding everyone! I was thrilled to learn that New York passed a law requiring pet owners to provide certain required shelter for any dog left outside! There are severe fines for first offenders & if the law isn't followed it permits removal of the dog! I know this doesn't apply to any of my spoiled buddies but many of you have told me about people they know or neighbors that leave their dogs out with no shelter, food or water. Now you have a law to help when you report the owner!! As for the cats during this awful weather--well, much to your dismay many of youhave been getting my Lucky Kitty Lecture! Yesss- I know I can be a pain at times, I can tell by the lowering of your ears & the hmmmphs I get-- sigh. But I can't help thinking about the poor kittys out there who have no home & are suffering thru this weather--- ooops--here I go again--sorry! I will work harder on trying not to remind you!
     I have been saddened so many times the past couple months on learning we lost so many fluffy buddys. I remember 1 day alone I got 3 calls- - It's one of the reasons this letter is late because I have been pained to have to share with all of you of their passing. We lost one of our older buddys- Sweetie. She was one of my special cats because she was so very shy with me at the beginning but little by little she came around & we became good friends. My heart grives with Gail. Another extremely special dog Cyra has gone on to Rainbow Bridge. With Cyra it was the other way around- I was the one nervous & cautious because she was a Rottweiler but Cyra taught me what sweet wonderful outstanding dogs they are. She has left a huge hole in my heart & the hearts of Carrie, Gary & Sarah & she will forever have my gratitute. I was shocked to hear we lost Katie. She became sick rather suddenly & when treatments didn't have a good outcome Melody had to let her go. Another shock was hearing from Irene that we lost Coty. I only had the joy of visiting 1 trip with Coty but he fast became a pleasure to visit. To add to the shocks- we lost Scamper. Scamper was a beautiful kitty, at times a true joy but he had some other problems that just couldn't be treated. I know Cathy & Jim made the best caring decision they could. Then I get the dreaded letter from Kim & Carl about Bill's passing. Bill - a Burmese, was another very shy cat living with solid black kitty Simon. I would occasionally see Bill but was never able to pet him when I watched them on an emergency trip Kim & Carl had to take. I had only been home from major surgery for 5 days so my husband took me. I was in the basement scooping when I heard my husband yelling to me how wonderfully sweet & friendly Simon was! Well I thought, that was nice except that Simon was in the basement with me!! Sure enough as I peeked around the corner there was my husband petting a very loud purring Bill !!! Altho it was nice talking to Arlene one evening she sadly called to tell me of Lizzy's passing. Sandy & Niles lost 2 of their cats- Bay who was 24! & Tigger.
     Now to the happy new buddys!! I had lots of surprises waiting upon my arrival at puppy Yuna & kitten Isis's house! Ahhh the joys of babies & what they can find to get in to! But they were so darn cute I could only laugh, clean up & give them lots of hugs & kisses! They must be an every day blessing to Mandy, David & Jim! On the quiet side were Coco & Chanel & Genevieve the guinea pig too! Coco & Chanel are Mom & daughter that Carol & Dennis took in & Gen is their "grand-guinea pig!" hehe Scruffy-- oh my wonderful Scruffy-- what an oasis in the rush of the holidays! Louise failed to mention what a hugger Scruffy is-all he wanted to do was get snuggled & petted & combed! & he hugs back! 2 kitty paws around my neck hugging & he didn't want to let go! I think there may be some rough days that Louise may come home to a note that I have borrowed a huggy Scruffy! Then I have the 3 dogs- BB, Max & Molly. BB has a history of abuse so is not very accepting of strangers walking in to her house. My instructions were too walk BB first but there was no way she would let me in the door. So also following Bill & Nancy's instruction #2- if can't get BB then take Max. So I went around to the other door & happily took Max out for his walk. Well-- when we got back BB was at her gate with tail wagging bouncing in excitement about her walk!! It sure doesn't take much with some dogs to gain their friendship! She was fine the rest of that trip but when I went back a month later for a 1x let out Nancy warned me she may be like she was at the start. Nooo I insist-she'll remember! oh you'd think by now I'd learn not to be such an optimist! As I'm stumbling my way out the door backwards! hahaha That's OK- one day BB & I will be best buddys! Just like my scared big guy Rondo who now greets me at the door along with his sister Caprice! It only took a few days for Rondo & I to be pals & since Rondo needs an insulin shot I'm happy that mom Rev. Alice can go away without worrying about her precious baby! Oh- & that I get to visit & watch Caprice go running down the hall when I walk in-- I've never seen a cat run like Caprice! She looks like she has a full diaper on!! And then after 3 days I had won the trust of Boudicca-aka Bo-. She was the only shy one living with Silkie & Imari. In fact when I arrived for the first visit Silkie ran out to greet me & immediately plopped on her back for her belly rub! & Imari-siamese- of course had to tell me all about her day & then I was allowed the honor of giving her a belly rub! I'm so glad I decided to add them to out family when Lorna & Jim called! I have new middays- first is Molson & Captain. So far I have walked Molson- Captain still is too scared to come near me. But never fear!! I will win his love-but this guy will take awhile! Like mom Kelly says- baby steps! Stayed tuned!! Last but not least is Trooper! I've known Trooper's kitty brothers Brody & Jake for a long time. Now I visit Trooper middays! Max will have another buddy in Trooper too! So far they are getting along great but Trooper is still a puppy so can't rush!
That catches up on all the changes in our family. I've decided to change the format of the Pet of the Month for 2004 so if you want to nominate your pet for an award just let me know! All pets are winners!!
     Stay warm & stay safe & I'm looking foward to seeing each of you sooon---so tell your people: Get outa town! hehehe


JILL & the Fluffy Gang



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