July 2004
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     I've known Simon almost as long as I've been in business. He arrived on Kim & Carl's deck with his paw stuck in his flea collar. They rescued him & he was there to stay! Simon has this weird habit of carrying stuffed animals. When I first watched him this brown bear was on the floor. Figuring the cats jumped up & knocked him down & set him back on the table. Next visit-same thing. This time I set it on a chair. Next visit- same! I set it back & the next time it was by the food dish! from upstairs!! It's Simon- he loves to carry them & it's hysterical to watch. These aren't very small animals & he has to step over & around them as they drag under him! He's a love!

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In Loving Memory


      I got quite the surprise a couple weeks ago- I got a call from Pet Sitters International that so many of you sent in the pet sitter of the year nomination forms saying such nice thingsthat I was one of the 5 finalists!! Wow! you guys are sooo sweet! I didn't win, but that didn't really surprise me. Pet Sitters International expects the pet sitter of the year to do other things in the animal welfare, rescue, etc; areas which I do not do. I don't have much time to get involved with anything else because I keep pretty busy caring for all of you! I'm not complaining because I enjoy what I do & I want to be a "hands-on" pet sitter. The winners in the past have employees & don't do much pet sitting themselves, they just dispatch their employees. That frees up time for them to get involved in other things. I choose to spend my days being available to care for my fluffy buddies!
     And so much of my days are doing just that-seems I'm always either visiting with you, talking to you, writing this newsletter or making the cards. Lots of other things too that I really love. And of course the most important reason- YOU! All my fluffy buddies are MY fluffy buddies & I prefer to be sure you are healthy & happy & I don't trust that to just anyone! So far only Laura & Angela! To put it simply- if I was to hire someone & then found out that any of my fluffy buddies were not visited, cared for or in any other way not made priority, well then I would just have to quietly kill that person! haha But really- that's how strongly I feel about what I do & why I can't put myself thru being around the homeless animals. It is a truly physical punch in the gut pain that I go thru if I hear or see any animal being abused in any form of the definition. Some of you may remember that when I took in my youngest cat it was because the lady at the Vet's office said the most deadly words you can say to me: "Nobody wants her because---" That's it- she was in my livingroom before the day was done! I would need a huge house for all the homeless animals that will be living with me if I go to the shelter!! It's tremendously special to me that you took the time to nominate me & I intend to try my best to keep my service up to your expectations! I'm going to continue being just a pet sitter & put my effort into being the best I can be at making all of you happy, well cared for & spoiled rotten in your parent's absence!
     More good news- my web page & email are finally on a new server so hopefully they will run smoothly now! So I will go back to using the jill@fluffypaw.com email adress.
Lots of new fluffy members! In May I visited with Dickens & Wimsey- only to give pills tho--sigh, I'm not exactly their favorite person on earth. Dickens was funny- he wouldn't run away but chose to stay in his comfy bed & hiss at me. I simply plopped the pill down his throat while he was hissing! Believe me Wimsey put me thru the wringer to make up for it! DJ & I had lots of fun on our visits. Mostly we hung out & he got lots & lots of belly rubs! I was thrilled that new shy cats- Marmee, Tigger, Maggie & Toby all came out to spend time with me & played. I couldn't pet them, except Toby but the fact they were out was exciting. Now I am caring for Natasha, Suzette & Tiger! I take Natasha & Suzette for a walk around the block & they are pretty worn out until my next visit! This AM I even had to wake them up! I also met sweet little Veronica who lives with our Pet Award recipient this month. Last month I visited with I believe our 2nd biggest buddy- Diesel! He lives with Max, Princess & Tom. Diesel & I walked around the block & one time a car stopped & the lady said that he was the cutest dog she had ever seen--huh???? To each his own! hahaha I finally got to meet Biscuit! He came home from last years vacation!! Wonder who will come with them this year? Ginger is a lucky cat who got adopted into the home with Yukon, Dawn & Annie. Annie my little buddy is not to thrilled. I got to visit once with Honeycomb! Sooo cute!
     I was devasted to hear that we lost Antonio to Rainbow Bridge. He was another cat I only went to give him his insulin shot but the past few times I was there he became comfortable with me & I was able to sit & pet him awhile. I will also miss Lacey terribly as I know her sister Cagney & parents will miss her too. I lost one kitty that I never got to meet. Shelby came to live with Hollie & Steve when her owners didn't want her anymore because she started peeing around the house. Not until they brought Shelby home did they realize it wasn't behavior but that Shelby was in kidney failure & she lost her battle before any treatments could be started.
     I'm going to end this month's newsletter since it is half thru the month already! Between how busy you are all keeping me & John moving the web server, well-- time does fly by! Have a happy rest of July & lets hope for hotter weather! I wanna swim!!!!


Luv Ya Bunches!!!

Jill & the
Fluffy Paw Gang




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