June 2004
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  A long time ago I started hiding pieces of treats for Regal to search for after I leave. Now when I walk in she immediately starts running around to all the "spots" ! I haven't even gotten thru the door yet! Sometimes she gets smart tho & doesn't eat up the treats right away. Instead she is sneaking along behind me to see where I've hidden them! I haven't found any that she has missed yet so she is well deserving of the title Best Treat Hunter!

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In Loving Memory


    I have to write June's newsletter early because John, who puts it up on the website, is taking vacation. Can you believe it?? He had the audacity to schedule a vacation at newsletter time! sigh. People are so much harder to train than all you fluffy buddies! Anyway, I have been trying to come up with a topic & I am drawing a blank. So I decided today that it's time for another statistic check! I had a lot of good feedback last time I did it, plus it prompted some of you to realize how many clients I have & for you to call early to book my time! So here goes:

Currently I am serving 184 houses.
Of these houses, 55 have dogs only

34 of these houses have 2 or more dogs with the most in one house of 4.
86 houses have cats only

58 of these houses have 1 cat. The rest are 2 or more with the most in 1 house of 8.

43 houses have both cats & dogs. Only 13 of these have 1 cat but 26 have only 1 dog!

Total number of pets:

137 dogs
264 cats!
17 birds
11 bunnies
7 guinea pigs
5 gerbils
1 chinchilla.

The people in the houses consist of:
Single women- 54
Single men- 9
Married with kids- 49
Married no kids- 39
Retired/kids grown- 33
Broken down:
32 single women have cats only; 12 have dogs only & 10 have both.
Single men is almost even- 5 having dogs only & 4 cats only. None have both!!
Married with kids- 20 have dogs only; 11 cats only & 18 both
Married no kids again almost split with 16 dogs; 16 cats & 7 having both.
Retired/grown kids are a whopping 20 with cats only! 9 have dogs & 4 have both.
Busiest holiday?? anyone venture a guess?
Not Christmas!
Not Thanksgiving!
4th of July !!!
Thanksgiving is 2nd!

I think it's interesting to follow along the life cycle of kids & dogs, then retired & having only cats. It's also worth mentioning that the most often travelers are single women & retired! And single women are most likely to hire a petsitter!
I already have some appointments to meet new members of our fluffy family so there will be more to add & to talk about in upcoming newsletters! For now I will sign off so John can go on vacation.


Luv Ya Bunches!!!

Jill & the
Fluffy Paw Gang




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