March 2004
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     I love walking Bosun because he has the most beautiful high prancing walk! He reminds me of the Clydesdale
horses that pull the Budweiser wagon! Put some fluffies on the bottom of his legs & he'd be set to go. Then with his long flowing hair-he is just stunning! I feel like royalty when walking him. Actually anytime I'm in the presence of him & his sister Henny. The only problem I have with them is keeping up with the playing & petting! Bosun insists I'm not as old as I am & he sure wears me out playing our fetch/tickle game. I use my foot to tickle his belly when he won't let go of his toy & he hangs on intentionally-when I tell him tickle his tail starts wagging like crazy! Henny just wants to be petted & loved so when Bosun is fetching I switch to some chin rubs for her. I'm honored to be their sitter & to bestow this award.

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In Loving Memory


     How is everyone doing on this last count down to Spring? You know one way to know the warm weather is coming is the arrival of the Kodak Falcons! Same female-Mariah & male-Kaver are back! The webcam should be going any day now. I've also noticed at some of the buddies I visit that the tulips are coming up! I for one am really looking foward to this Spring.
     One of the unfortunate things happening now is the gas prices. I hear they will be going up & up possibly to 3.00 per gal. sigh. I know I just did a price increase this past fall & I based the prices on gas being about 1.75 a gal. So what I decided to do, effective immediately, is charge a gas surcharge. The way it will work is I will bill you a surcharge based on a 1-way trip to your house. If I am coming from another house & the distance is shorter then you will be only billed those miles. Based on my truck getting 15 miles to the gallon, I will then bill you by the gallons at whatever price I paid for that tank of gas less 1.75. For example: if you are 5 miles away & I make 3 trips that is the 15 miles. If I paid 1.82 then you will be billed 1 gallon of gas @ 7 cents = 7 cents. So you see-that doesn't amount to a whole lot from you, but on my end if everyone helps that little bit I can keep my per visit cost the same thru the summer til we see what happens. I hope you all agree that this seems like a fair solution, but if you have any questions or concerns please let me know & I will try to work something else out.
     Another problem recently has been many of you are getting emails you try to send to me returned as "no such address". After many hours & phone calls I finally solved the problem! My address has to be in small letters only! I have fixed the email link on my website (hehe-well, John did! Thanks John!) but if you have me in your address book then it will default to that making it reject even if linking from the website. If you send me an email & it gets returned, or if I am already in your address book-then correct my address to all small letters & it should resolve the issue. it should read: It appears the only problems were with people using Outlook or Outlook Express, but with all this modern technology-who knows when it may happen with the others too!
     Now we can get on to the fun stuff! New buddies to announce! I have a new mid day visit with Rocky, Daisey & Zipper! 3 dogs with such different personalties & ideas! They sure keep me busy in the short time I am there petting, throwing, chasing, etc! Soon I will be visiting with Sammy & Sasha & I am so looking foward to it! I don't think I've quite seen a cat who plays like Sammy does! His favorite toys include a cardboard tube (from wrapping paper!) & a big furry teddybear that he fetches. But he also tosses the bear for himself to chase-only not like most cats who toss it to the side by shaking their heads. Sammy tosses it over his head backwards by flinging his head straight up! He also loves socks- only as was presented when I was trying to have somewhat of a "professional" conversation with Lindsay & Tom, it helps if there are NO feet in the sock!!!! preferably-NOT mine! At least Sasha will keep me somewhat sane--I hope! I will be visiting soon with Kee & Woody.      Equally as opposite also, I know I will be using all my techniques trying to keep them happy too! I had a lot of fun meeting them with Marion & Bud & I hope I succeed at making them permanent members of our fluffy family. What a riot I had with Riley, Chima & Dexter! Dexter is an African Gray Parrot that his mom Patti tells me knows lots of words. He talks very clearly too. She also showed me how Riley sings- so Riley & I had our singing time during our visits. When we finished singing Dexter would say- "Can you hear me now??" hahaha Chima was too involved with his catnip pillow-chasing it from one end of the house to the other-growling the whole way! Didn't matter to him that no one was near!! I finally met Romeo & will be visiting him & Rascal. Romeo sure lives up to his name & I am
looking foward to some good hugs! Oh- dog lover Penny has been converted! Yes the cats have taken her over in their sly lovable ways & Oscar has now joined Fozzy to outnumber the dog Shaq by 1 ! hmmmmmmm--wanna take bets on how many more will weasle their way in? Since Shaq weighs in at 160 it will still take a lot more cats to overtake the space used! Well-I think hands down cutest little puppy: Buttercup! I only got to visit with her a couple times but she won my heart. She truly looks like a stuffed animal you'd see on a store shelf! Tinkerbell & Sylvester weren't to happy about this fluffy mop running around but I for one am smitten!
     We lost another of our older family members with the passing of Sinjin. Sinjin was a little difficult when we first met but we became fast good friends & he has left a space in my heart empty. I know Karen & Ted have breaking hearts after Sinjin was a part of their lives for so long & he was very special. I never met Ashley but had a nice talk with Tracey in hopes of meeting, but sadly Ashley passed to Rainbow Bridge before I had that honor. Tracey actually came recommended to me by her "sister" Molly!
     I think that about catches up for now. I will be writing again soon since I must get the next issue out before the big Spring break in April. I already have so many of you scheduled for visits that week & I'm excited about seeing all of you!
For now then--


JILL & the Fluffy Gang



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