May 2004
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   Violet is a beautiful collie that is blind but never fails to confuse me with her seeing sister Molly! Most of the time Violet gets around just as good as Molly. But one give away as to which is which is quickly noticed when you walk in the door. Both come barking but then Violet falls right over on her back for her belly rub! I would rub her belly for few minutes then go open the door to let them out in the yard. Violet would saunter her way out the door & promptly fall on her back for her belly rub! I'm out there laughing telling her get up & go pee at least but nooo--belly rub please! In fact, no matter what you are doing or where you are if you come within a few feet of Violet she plops over on her back for her belly rub!! Even if you are carrying the water bowl you have to watch & be sure you step over the layed back Violet waiting for her belly rub!!

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In Loving Memory


     Can you believe it's May already! I'm waiting for the weather to realize what the calendar says tho. Has anyone else been watching the eagles or the falcons on the cams? Ihappen to check the cam a few weeks ago for the eagles in Washington state & saw one of the babies hatching! It was so cute! The northeast eagles are a little ahead of the washington ones. The northeast eaglets are starting to get their white head feathers! I love spring when all the babies are being born & the flowers are blooming. I have a small decorative bird house in my front yard tree & I noticed one day that there were a couple birds hanging around it. I lokked the other day & sure enough there is a nest inside! The birds removed the front of the house-turning it on it's side to gain entrance! I don'tknow if there are any babies in there as I don't want to disturb the nest in case there is.
     Wow did I stay busy visiting all of you over Easter/Spring beak. Whew- you guys wore me out! And I had some unexpected buddies that I didn't plan on-it seems Mr.Tibbles who broke into the enclosed porch of one house was in reality Mrs. Tibbles & between the time the owner left & I arrived she had babies! Sadly a couple didn't make it but 2 did & it was very cute watching them. I had to watch from a distance since Mrs. Tibbles is wild & I didn't want her too upset. One time when I looked out Mrs.Tibbles had her paws wrapped around the babies with their little heads up under her chin & they were sound asleep! It was precious! Then at another house Cyndy was fostering Lexus & her 4 babies-Mercedes, Yukon, Jetta & Sienna. They were about 4 weeks old and oh my- I couldn't move in that room as I had 4 kittens who thought my legs were the greatest climbing post ever made! They were adorable & lots of fun but also quite a handful! Next month is Adopt A Cat Month & for good reason- soo many kittens are being born this time of year & sadly there aren't enough homes for them all. It's important for us all to keep passing the word to Spay & Neuter your pets. I know all of you are but if you know of anyone, or come across anyone who doesn't have their pets Spayed or Neutered please tell them of all the homeless pets out there. I recently read in Lollypop's news that they are coming close to being able to find homes for almost all the dogs that come in, but cats are still lagging way behind. For some reason people think it's OK not to "fix" their cats. Last year they had to set up temporary cages in the halls & offices to hold all the cats that came in. So please-pass on the word!! Also Lollypop has a new behavior line that you can call if you need help with an unacceptable behavior your pet is doing- the number is 295-2999 or you can go to their website at
     Max went to the groomer yesterday! First time ever he got professionally groomed! He did really good! But he got his whole back end shaved (hehehehehe) so as the groomer called him- he is a monkey butt!! That's what he looks like too- all shaved with this big bushy tail sticking out! Boy the dirt that came off him! I expected that-he sure was muddy!! I was so proud of how well he behaved.
     Sadly we lost some buddies this time. I was devasted when Chris emailed me to tell me Samantha has passed away. That was so out of the blue, she wasn't really sick. Then I heard from Barb that my dear sweet Sadie passed away. She had been sick but I was hoping the antibiotics would help but unfortunately she must have had some other illness. The other day we lost one of our bunny-buddies Bucky. In fact- Bucky was Max's buddy. I don't know why but Max loved that bunny. I would let Bucky out to run on the deck & Max would watch him & when we got there he would be all excited barking & whining til Bucky showed up! One time I was trying to get Bucky to go back in his cage & he was running around being difficult so I took a stick to use in that situation to just kind-a poke him along, well- I thought Max was going to come after ME! He was soo upset that I was "hurting" his Bucky! I know when I go again there Max will be looking for his pal & he will be sad too. I know Andrea felt just awful because she called & we talked about it but unfortunately she lost her dear dog Rocky. When I got a call to visit with Tinkerbell & Buttercup I learned of Sylvester's passing. Our prayers are with all who are dealing with losses at this time.
     New Buddies! Oh Esther! Another difficult cat! But Esther was different in that I could pet & play with her as long as we were in the kitchen-but once we went downstairs to where she ate --watch out! Whew- can cats have split personalities too? Ray & Anita warned me but those of you that have known me long know that I get pretty stubborn when trying to win the affection of my difficult buddies!! Emma was another difficult but only for a few minutes--she was easy to win over with a handful of treats! dogs are so easy!! I was glad it worked out so Shelly & her family could have a great vacation.
     Later this week I will be visiting with Dexter while Lindsay goes away & with Tyler while his mom Jeanne is gone. Both are friendly wonderful big boy cats that should be loads of fun!
     I suppose I better go rest my back now- some of you know that I have a major muscle in my back that decided it wanted to spasm & tighten up on me so to say I have been in a bit of a pain- well-- OWWWWW!! All last week I was on the floor & a couple days I even had to have my husband drive to the houses while I layed in the back seat with Max! This week hasn't been too busy so I've been trying to take it easy so this thing heals up before I get busy! I've been told it could be weeks for this to heal. Sitting is not a position that brings any relief either!
     I hope you all enjoy this month & Spring!! I enjoy driving this time of year when the dogwoods, magnolia & cherry trees are flowering & the flowers are blooming. But mostly I enjoy driving to see you!!!!

Luv Ya Bunches!!!

Jill & the
Fluffy Paw Gang



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