October 2004
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I rub ShowBiz's belly & he stretches out to hold my hand & I am amazed at the size of him! Without being polydactal he has huge paws! ShowBiz started out being a cat I would never see because he was so shy & afraid. That didn't last long! hehe Now he is my best buddy & even knocks Shadrach away if I am so bold as (& in error!) to think I can pet Shadrach too! He really fits his name- he could be in show biz! He is stunning & ever so sweet! We play with his string toy & whenever he catches the end he brings it over & places it on my lap! Sometimes he carries it around me wrapping me up in the string! His purr-sonality is as big as his paws-& heart! He makes my heart swell as big as his paws!


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In Loving Memory


     Soon will be the night of the ghosts & goblins knocking at your door! Make sure you treat them well so no tricks will be pulled on you! Also make sure NO noses go into that candy bowl-chocolate is not a good thing for you dogs & cats. Give it all to the trick-n-treaters & then later you can curl up on your-or your parents- beds & have your own goodies. Will any of you be out with the kids in your family? We would all love to see any pictures of you dressed up! Or maybe an apple bobbin party? I'll be seeing some of you that night & then maybe I'll be home to give out some candy. We don't get too many stopping by our house I guess because of the busy street. My husband loves to see the costumes & he sits by the door most of the evening just waiting for the little ones to come. Back when we first lived here I would buy lots of candy & then get fat eating it all in the weeks after. Finally after 5 or 6 years I said enough & I only bought a bag. Well-did we get swamped that year! The candy flew out the door & I was quickly making popcorn & filling the baggies! Then I ran out of popcorn & they were still coming! I'm frantically searching the kitchen & all I could find were Oreo cookies so I was filling baggies with cookies!! The next year I bought tons of candy & sat around getting fat the weeks after! To this day I buy lots of candy just in case!
     Oh-I dread the winter coming. I'm already freezing & it hasn't even started yet-sigh. I know some of skiers are looking foward to it but give me the sun & 80's any/every day! It can be fun watching some of you dogs romping in the snow-you do enjoy it! Max loves to make his snow angels while I stand shivering by. I hear we may be in for a bad snowy winter - thank heavens for my 4x4! Hopefully I won't be doing too much trudging down unplowed streets to make the visits to my buddies. Before my truck I did a lot of that.
     Last month I was walking Smokey early one AM & we were at the end of the street where the land is getting cleared. There was a hole which had collected water & standing there was a blue heron! I watched him for awhile until he walked away. Later when I was visiting Rachel & Lu-lea I was watching a bird at the feeder & I wondered what it was. I came home to find it in my bird book-turned out it was a woodpecker, but skiming thru the book I suddenly realized I did not see a blue heron that AM but a white egret!! wow!! A couple days ago I saw a blue heron take off out of the tall grass as Molson, Captain & I got close & he circled around farther down the creek & suddenly there was another one! I have never seen 2 blue herons together like that! Beautiful! While walking Nella we always come across lots of geese in the ponds. Now there is a white swan-only he stays with the geese! First time I saw them-15 geese, 1 swan, I thought the geese probably just settled around the swan. The next morning in the other pond were the same geese with swan! Nella's dad confirmed he does stay with the geese & that he is a half/half. He also says he is very nasty which is good to know as I've had my share of being chased by angry geese!
     I can't even express the shock & pain I felt when I recieved an email from Alice that her Caprice had passed on to Rainbow Bridge-Caprice was only 2-1/2! She was such an amazing cat, so full of life & lived it gracefully in her short time with us. She was a perfect companion for Rondo & he misses her terribly.It broke my heart the evening I sat with him & watched him grieve. I still find it hard to believe she is gone but hopefully the new kitty-Mazurka will adjust & help with Rondo's loneliness. Then I recieved a call from Betty that Brandy passed away! I just saw Brandy a few weeks ago & he was so good that I was floored by that call too. Brandy was our Pet of the Month in August for the fastest tail.
     I cannot wait to meet new pug puppy Winston! I must try to get over there while he is still a puppy-he must be soo cute! Also Logan has joined Chewy's household! He is a shepherd/labrador mix & his pictures are adorable! I think Max will have a new friend also! I had a bunch of fun with Midnight! He wouldn't quite let me pet him but he came out to greet me & he played with his new Charmer! Soon I will be visiting with Buckaroo, Angel & Buffy, & Mollie. The first 3 all being babies I'm sure will keep me hopping!
     Stay warm everyone! Have fun on Halloween & please be careful!


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