September 2004
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Captain is one of my mid-day walk dogs. He lives with Molson who out weighs him 10 to 1. When I first started going who wouldn't let me near? Of course! Captain at all of his what- 6 lbs! He was sure a nasty boy-attacking me trying to bite! I'm not that scared of 100 lb dogs! It took a lot of trips before Captain finally came around. I felt bad because I had to keep calling Kelly to tell her no walk for Captain again. Then came the magic moment when I was able to hook the leash on & away we went & Captain hasn't stopped since! We are the best of buddies now. Oh & my tough guy buddy also thinks he can take on vehicles! He means business when he tries to chase those monsters off the road! I look foward to every walk with my smallest big tough guy!

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In Loving Memory

Hi Fluffy


       How is everyone doing now that our summer has ended :( I guess I should be grateful that we got some warm weather & I was able to swim a little. I'm more grateful tho that I saw so many of you over Labor Day! Everything was pretty ordinary but I shouldn't get too comfortable because just when I think there couldn't possibly be anything that could happen that I haven't been through before-- well----. I was over visiting Lexie & Angel & was downstairs feeding Angel. Usually Lexie is with me & he was but then left after a few minutes. I didn't think much about it & moved on to scoop the litterbox when I realized that things were kinda quiet upstairs. Just like kids-when it gets quiet you know they are into something! So I came running up saying "Lexie, Lexie what are doing??". Here comes Lexie like the sweet dog he is coming when called with a quizical look on his face- "I'm not doing anything!" . Only trouble is- he had my money in his mouth & was eating it! I had to grab a treat to switch with him because he thought I wanted to play tug-a-war! After I managed to save the big bills I noticed a tiny corner of a $1.00 bill on the floor. Sigh- the ones in my hand weren't missing their corners!!.
     I'm firming up my plans to take the first week of November off so please-if anyone needs me that week please let me know soon! As before- Laura will be available while I am away.
     I always laugh at people who say our pets don't understand or
associate things. I recently visited Rachel &
Lu-lea. Back when I
first met them theirs was the first time I ever set an alarm off. Then I seemed to have a jinx about the alarm! Every first visit of a trip I set the alarm off. I finally got over the jinx a long time ago but every time I walk in Rachel sees me & immediately gets into the "dash away" position! When I successfully turn the alarm off she relaxes & lets out the biggest meow! & comes over to rub on me. I truly think she is telling me "good for you!" hahaha
      I was so happy last month when we didn't loose any of our fluffy buddies but then I started getting call after call. Sadly I got a call from Diane to tell me Johnny B Good passed away. I'm glad I got to see him a few weeks ago, I will miss him. Especially since he protected me from his sister Susie Q! I only watched Sandy once but I never forgot her. My heart goes out to her family. Like a knife thru my heart is the pain of loosing one of my special need buddies-Robin. He put up a brave & courageous battle & he stayed as sweet & loving to the end. He was 10 years young & in the short time I knew him he wrapped me up in his love. As I write this the tears are flowing & my prayers & thoughts are with Pam, Rich & Robin's brother Timothy as they grieve & miss him.
      And as if that sadness isn't enough our very own webmaster John & Doreen lost their beloved Tasha. Tasha came to live with them a few years ago when they got married. Doreen had Molly at the time & Molly was such a shy afraid girl. When I first met Molly she cowered against the wall like a rock & wouldn't move & I'm talking solid-she wouldn't even move when you tried to lift her. Tasha came with a bit of an aggression problem. She would bark & carry on if anyone came near the house & they would have to bring her in if anyone tried to come in the yard. It took me a few tries (& a LOT of treats!) before she would let me come in! Then this miraculous thing happened- little by little we started to notice that Molly & Tasha blended almost as one. Molly became more outgoing & Tasha calmed way down! They taught each other all the good that each had & none of the bad! With help from Molly, we taught Tasha to "give five" & give me hugs. I was teaching them both to walk & was going to surprise Doreen & John & have them walk down the aisle at their wedding but they eloped! (Brats!) I cannot think of another situation where 2 dogs became totally different by their just being together. Tasha hung on & also gave a good fight but her body too gave out before her will did. I'm thankful John gave me a few minutes to say goodbye to Tasha-I haven't been to the house yet but already know there is a hollow space there- except for Molly who will continue to carry on Tasha's spirit. She is painfully missed.
     OK- let's try to lighten things up. I got a call from Gail who adopted 2 precious little kittens Max & Sophie! Oh my-what a couple bundles of energy! She's not the first customer who told me-I don't remember kittens getting into so many things! Well- when you have a cat that lives well into their teens you do forget! That's a reason I love what I do- I remember!! I adopted older kittens! hahaha! They were fun though & ohhh soo cute! Then I went to PJ's & met his new sister-Sophie! Another beautiful rescue kitty! I noticed PJ was a little bit jealous so I made sure I spent extra snuggle time with him! I also met a very shy cat-Kim. But I was thrilled that I saw Kim on every visit even if I couldn't get too close. She is a gorgeous girl! I had loads of fun with Killian! He was rather layed-back but like mom Liz told me-he loves to be petted! So thats pretty much what we did-oh & we watched the guys who had the road to the house torn out! I hope I get to visit with Magic again someday. I only spent 1 time with him while his family took a day trip. He is a very good boy & so sweet! Then I finally got to meet the new addition with Smokey, Bandit & LittleBit- Roxy! I actually got to see one of the cats in the house! Bandit does come out a few times when I search for her, but not LittleBit! Roxy is quite the cuddler!
     I guess that takes us to the end- I hope you all stay healthy & happy & as always I look foward to seeing you!


Luv Ya Bunches!!!

Jill & the
Fluffy Paw Gang




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