April 2005
Edited by: Jill Nuciolo

Hi Fluffy

     This is going to be a really fast newsletter! I'm sitting on the eve of the Spring Break & for the next 10 days or so I will be constantly running! In fact the past week has been crazy trying to get prepared for this week. Then of course on top of that I pulled the muscle in my back again so all my weekend plans to finish things such as this newsletter went out the window. Instead I layed on the floor with my hot water bottle praying it would heal before the days the calendar was filled with names! It has for the most part, thankfully, but I still need to be careful for awhile. At least it sounds like the weather is finally going to warm up! Yippeee!! I love spring-I enjoy watching the flowers & trees bloom & smell the new grass. The mud-well, not so thrilling! Max needs a groomer visit but I am waiting til the mud dries up a little more otherwise my money will go out the window too! I also love watching the dogs when spring finally comes. They go nuts smelling all the smells that have been hidden under the snow. They have to catch up on all the dog's calling cards at every tree, post, garbage pail! haha They love those garbage pails!
     I now have the picture of that gorgeous girl-Chelsea! What a sweetie she is-we had a great time snuggling & her getting tons of petting. I also had the best time with Chico & Scooter! I told Pam & Mike there must not be a dull moment in their house. I was non-stop laughing the whole time I waswith those 2. Especially when Chico fetches a stuffed panda bear that is almost bigger than him! Sometimes he would try to jump on the couch & panda would bump into the pillows or couch first & knock Chico right back on the floor. Scooter just hung out on his back getting belly rubs while all this was going on. This coming week I have lots of new fluffy buddies so next month will be full of new pictures.
     I'm always disappointed when I have to write about the passing of our buddies. 2 this month were such a shock as they were so young. I couldn't believe my ears when Carol called to tell me beautiful Emma passed away. I had just seen her not long ago. Then I learned of PJ passing. He was a great cat- a wonderful player. He loved to leap in the air & grab the furry mice as they were flying by! I'm glad when I saw him a few months ago we had some of those play sessions & I can remember when he was happy & healthy. Then just the other day Ann called to say Regal left us. Regal was a special little buddy because she was so shy. I had to really work at getting her to trust me but when she did & her true personality came out she was a joy! I used to take Regal's treats & break them into tiny pieces & hide them around the house just before I left & Regal would run & find them. Whenever I made the first trip of a new vacation I would walk in & call Regal. She would take one look at me & take off running to all the hiding places the treats were in, searching! I kept telling her you have to wait til I'm leaving! She will be sorely missed. Shortly after Al & Holly returned from their trip Chewy passed away. Poor Chewy had seizures most of his life & just before they left he had a possible stroke. He did good while they were away-we said he was probably waiting for his Mom & Dad so he could say his goodbyes too.
     That catches us up some & buys me some time til May's newsletter! hehe! I'm all excited about seeing some of my fluffy buddies again &also getting to know all the new fluffy buddies joining our family. I'm also happy dancing that the sun is out & there is hope that warmth will be arriving soon! 70's next week?? Ohhh I hope sooo!! I feel so light without so many clothes & coats on!


I luv ya bunches

JILL & the Fluffy Gang

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