August 2005
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      Our little Milo (I named him that because he is "my little one") is a mynx, so he has no tail. You might think he would have a problem with balance, jumping from one piece of furniture to another. Milo jumps higher than any of the others cats. And because of his size, he's a speedster, which means when it's time to go to the vet for a check-up, he can be difficult to catch. Early on he would sleep with mommy and daddy, and now that he's older, whenever we go to bed, he's up there with us, looking for a little loving. And we don't mind, because he is our little one.





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In Loving Memory

Hi Fluffy Buddies!!

     Before anything else I want to send out my sincerest THANKS to all of you! For the 2nd. year in a row I was named in the top 5 for Pet Sitter of the Year thru Pet Sitters International! I didn't win again, but I didn't expect to. They want their winner to be involved in lots of other community/animal events which I don't really do. But that's OK- I don't because my days are filled with visits to all of you & I don't want to be anywhere else! I am happy doing what I do & I have no intention of returning to a stress filled "corporate" type day. Don't get me wrong-I do have stress, but it's the type that an hour later I look back & can't help but laugh! When I think of all your cute little furry faces & those eyes--ahh yes, you all have me paw-whipped & you know it & play it for all it's worth! Why would I want to do anything but be a pet sitter?? Thank you again-you humble me! I just do what's in my heart.
     Very important now- my computer went from bad to worse- now I have lost data back to middle of June, all email addresses, lots of address books in different programs. It will take me a long time to get everything back in & working smoothly again so please be patient. You can help by sending me an email so I can get your address put back in the book. Some I have, kinda in memory- but if this newsletter came in the mail & you have an email then please let me know. I imagine I will be starting with the "A"s!      
      Also- & this is extremely important: If you emailed me a request for petsitting in the past 3 or 4 weeks contact me immediately & make sure I have you booked! I lost all saved emails so if I didn't write you in the calendar before the computer crashed then I have no idea who/when/where. As always, if you are within a couple days of leaving & you did not recieve a confirmation from me then call me! It probably means I got behind & didn't get them mailed but it could also be your message got lost & you are not in my calendar! Better safe than sorry! It would absolutely destroy me if I ever forgot any of you! I got about 4 calls this weekend from your parents just verifing that I was coming & I didn't mind one bit! With everything going on I just did not get them done but I was comforted knowing your humans are checking up on me!!
     On top of all this computer mess & the filled to the brim daily schedule I noticed a few weeks ago that my 3 yr. old Sarena went blind. I took her out to see the opthamologist at Veterinarian Specialities & she has detached retinas in both her eyes. There is nothing they can do, she will be blind the rest of her life. She's doing remarkably well! If you didn't know to actually watch her you wouldn't even think she was blind. She manuevers around the house & still goes thru her pet-door & down the ramp into her outside kennel. The only time it's noticeable is when something is where it doesn't belong. Mostly one of the other cats! She walks right into them!! They seem to be extremely tolerant of her, but I guess they always were anyway. Sarena has always been just an easy going sweet cat who loves everyone & never causes any trouble. I can see the others watching out for her more.
     Without my computer lists I will have to announce all the new additions to the fluffy family & the ones we lost to Rainbow Bridge from my memory so if I missed anyone please let me know & accept my apologies! This month I will start with those we lost because one of my special buddies left us-my dear love Scruffy. He was a huge bulky bundle of love who curled up on my chest with his paws wrapped around my neck & his head stuck into my neck & purred & purred the whole visit. I watched him over the December holidays & it was such a wonderful break in the hectic crazy schedule where I could calm & rejuvinate myself. My heartfelt sympathies to Louise & John. He is painfully missed. More sympathies for another special friend's passing to his mom Dorothy - my wanderer Tigger ! I can't tell you how many times I went back to his house to see if he decided to come home-I really think he enjoyed making me worry! He did a great job! You've seen Paula's fluffy family mentioned many times & sadly she is again for the passing of her dear sweet Bela. She took her in when Bela was older & gave her a wonderful home & a caring loving mom. Bela blossomed in her final years & will be always "seen" on her favorite sleeping blankets in front of the heat runs. Just recently I began to gain the trust of Crayon & could pet her a little so I was saddened to learn of her passing. Pebbles I didn't know-she was the dog that went elsewhere when I watched the cats. It doesn't mean that I was any less sad when Diane told me that she went over to The Bridge. I will go on to the new members before I come back for one more tribute to a special little kitten.
     There are soo many new members & I haven't got any of the pictures done yet. Right now I'm visiting a house with cats--Bobby, Chloe, Lester, Theo, Jasper, Rudy & Tigger! (whew!!) Another house with cats: Weasel, LingLing, Alfie & Babycat! whew again! Couple weeks I got my exercise trying to keep track of 5 scotties! : Monty, Jada, Briggy, Rufus & Zoe! I enjoyed my couple visits with Lakota, Arlo & Mandy. I had a great time with Ginger. New midday buddies- Buddy & Joy! Fantastic kittys- Smudge & the first Scottish Fold in our buddy family-BooBoo! I think thats all of them- Hopefully next month I will have the pictures ready.
     Finally I heard the story of a little kitten with a very short life-Cassidy. His Mom Pat told me that Cassidy had a neurological problem so he walked staggering! I didn't get a chance to meet him before his time on earth was finished. I believe he came for a purpose & it occured to me later that night while I was driving. Cassidy came into the home with 2 other cats, Darcy & Mimi, & fit right in. The 2 accepted him & his disabilities. That's what made me think- here was a cat that was different yet the other cats didn't treat him different. Cassidy just was- was full of life, was happy, was content. What he wasn't was bitter, angry & out to hurt others. He was just lumbering falling over Cassidy. He didn't scream-"unfair" & make the world pay for his misfortune. He didn't go & punch & injure the other cats, he didn't fly airplanes into buildings, he didn't kidnap innocent people, he didn't hold a gun out the window & shoot a child. What he did was be Cassidy. Full of love, full of mischief, void of self-pity. The other cats didn't sit aside & whisper about him, they didn't make fun of his handicaps. They all blended, loved & lived. Albiet Cassidy's was a short life, but a few months to teach centurys of lessons. He spoke loud volumes in a hushed quiet voice. Cassidy-he screamed: Love.


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