December 2005
Edited by: Jill Nuciolo


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In Loving Memory


Twas the days before Christmas
and what are we to do.
Mom's been out & in
and out again she flew.
So here we sit as
this has to be written.

But Mommy has a block
the topics haven't bitten.
So we've come together in peace
the way it should always be.
Not just at this time of year
whether or not we have a pedigree.
We are the felines Sidney, Sammy
& troublemaker Shey,
also Shaney, Suzi, Sarena
waiting for the holiday.
Soon the boxes are carried in
from every corner we race out.
It's time for the decorating
with our help-did you have any doubt?
Suzi is there first
she cheats with a long jump.
Straight into the box
she startles Mom with the thump.
Wait!-look over there
we're all sprinting with glee.

Daddy has the biggest box
the one with the tree!
Up goes the poles,
out comes the limbs.
He has no idea
we act on our whims.
The branch goes on
he moves up a level.
We are there to replace him
the branch we now dishevel.
Whoa!-whats that over here
its a box full of balls.
Sammy is pushing them out
they are rolling to the walls.
We'll take some in the kitchen
some to the bed room.
When Mom finds them later
away we'll all zoom!
We found the best box
full of ribbons & bows.
So many to unpack
no time for a doze.
We race to the door
the bell went ding ding.
We're hoping it's for us
what we wanted him to bring.
It is! It's huge!
we don't care what's in it.
Take everything out

we'll take it empty & split.
Now quietly we sneak
all of us lift the Max beast.
Address to Tasmania
where they'll all have a feast.
Shaney walks by the tree
"come look what Mom's done"
All those balls are on the tree
we must remove them-what fun!
We love this time of year
everyone is so happy.
Soon our lids will get heavy
and it'll be time for a nappy.

When we wake there's a fire
in front there's a baby gate.
Otherwise Shey will walk into it
the heat won't make him hesitate!
Sidney is wandering

looking to cuddle with Sammy.
If anyone comes near him
watch out for the whammy!
There are garland and lites
Everything looks so pretty.
Do they really think it will stay
when there's more than one kitty?
Sarena, you know-
this year she went blind.

We all come to help lead her
if her way she can't find.
She does real good

maneuvering around somehow.
With new things in her way
we'll be listening for her meow.
Mom is now rocking
the day became dark.
My eyes are sleepy
I know exactly where to park.
Up to get in Mom's lap
anything there I will scatter.
Don't worry you see
to Mom it doesn't matter.
She loves us so much
we're told every day.
We get hugs and kisses

its always her way.
No matter what we do
she never gets mad.
She says without her fluffys
she would be so very sad.
She holds us in her arms,
gives us kissys nose-to-nose.
There just isn't any other way
her love it just flows.

Another day done

its time to go to bed.
We'll be up and ready early
to get started once we're fed.
We hope this holiday
for all of you is the best.
Its the greatest time to see
how greatly we are blessed.
So Happy Holidays to all
And to all a good----
wait-whats that at the door
could I have misunderstood--

Noo-tell me it's not true!

on the porch it came back
Much to our dismay
it's none other than Max!
Sigh, well Mom is happy
our family is complete.
Oh we were just kidding
we're really very sweet.
Shhh-Mon stopped reading
we have here a dog for sale.
Just come & take him
and don't leave a trail!

Now where were we--
oh that's right.
We wishing you happiness
And to all a good night!


& on behalf of Max, Mom & Dad




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