February 2005
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My Boo!

    I let my buddy Boo live with Laura & Angela, but we are connected over the miles! Boo always hides when people come over but not me!! You see his little white head stick out of his hiding place & he comes running when he hears it's me! He got his name because when Laura & Angela found him they thought he was a plastic bag. When they reached down to pick it up he moved! hahaha He's my Bestest Buddy Boo!


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In Loving Memory

Happy Valentines
Day to all my
Fluffy Buddies!

        I wish I could come to each & every one & give you a big Valentine smootchy! But you know I'm thinking of you & sending the smootchys your way!
     Another good thing about Valentine's Day is that February is half over & we are almost at the end of this awful winter. I shouldn't say that because we really didn't get too much snow until the blizzard, but ohhh did I suffer that weekend! It was my busiest January weekend-(of course!) so I battled that weather for hours & hours. At one point I decided to quickly get off the parkway because I couldn't even see the front of the truck let alone the road. Then I find out the next day that the parkway was closed! The plow trucks couldn't see on it either! ummm-- I had the radio on--could someone have announced it was closed?? Now as sit here on 2/9 I hear we have another one maybe coming. sigh-- of course I'm swamped again with visits. I love my 4x4! Every time I get thru I think that truck just paid for itself!
     One of the visits I was making was to Benji, Patches & Furball. If you look at the picture of Furball it is not bad editing! She is really crosseyed! She wasn't very co-operative about being friends. The 2 dogs more than made up for that-they were sooo cute! They would go dashing out in the snow & get to end of the driveway, stop dead in their tracks, turn & run back to the house! I think they were so excited it didn't register they were cold! I just finished watching Kashmir & was just enthralled with this cat! For one thing he is gorgeous- or handsome because he is a boy! But Kash just oozed personality plus & I fell madly in love in about 2 minutes! hmmm-guess I do that with all the fluffys I meet!! so no surprise there. Then I met Rocky & Ricky- what a riot!! Brothers- Maltese-they had me in stitches! They each get an end of a toy & then drag each other all over the room. And growl--they sound like they are Rottweilers! I just met ragdoll-Gina. Now there's a face that will melt your heart-but I forgot my camera! Hopefully I will see her again soon.
     I just found out that a couple months ago we lost Pepper, but I met their new dog Jack! I met new kitty Caruso but Alice insisted I not take his picture until his fur grows back! He was very knotty when he was found by the GRASP people & he needed to be shaved. And yes- he kinda sounds like Caruso! I haven't met Jerry yet who joined Tom & Stink. I also need to meet Hendrix & Mara, but I was sad to hear that we lost Claire & Taz in that family. My heart broke when I heard about the passing of Lawrence. He had a good long life. Then on the same day I got a note that Dickens passed on to Rainbow Bridge. We also just lost Bailey-a very sweet black cat. All of these boys had been sick for awhile and I was saddened to loose some of my special need kitties.
     I've been reading a lot about how the researchers are saying we are over-vaccinating our pets. Up 'til a couple months ago when I read an article it said to decide with your verterinarian whether to vaccinate your pet annually. For the first time recently I saw where the whole vaccination schedules was changed & is recommending only every 3 years! There is a particular concern with cats because many in the past few years have developed sarcomas at the injection sites. In order to try to determine which vaccine was responsible there was issued a standard for where each individual shot be giving-for example one goes in right back leg, one left front, etc. What I found most interesting-& it makes a lot of sense-is that now they are saying not to give all vaccinations at the same time. Since it's recommended each every 3 years to rotate each vaccine into those 3 years so altho your pet is still recieving annual shots they are not getting all at once! So many times animals have adverse reactions to the vaccines & this way maybe some of the pets that don't get shots can now determine which specific one is causing the problem & only go without that one. I decided not to vaccinate my cats annually quite awhile back & my veterinarian had pointed out that a lot of them were concerned that people would forgo the annual checkup since the vaccinations weren't needed. It's so important that you don't do that! Veterinarians can pick up so many little health problems we may not notice so whatever you decide is best regarding the vaccine's please make sure you still bring your pet in for an annual checkup! Just like us it's always good to have base-lines on our health so when the least little change happens it will be noticed in the tests even tho there may be no outward symptoms. We all agree we want our pets to be with us forever!! The first step to long happy healthy lives is at your Veterinarian's office!
     I hope you all have a really great Valentines Day!! You are all my special Valentine in my heart!


JILL & the Fluffy Gang

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