January 2005
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     Isn't Sophie gorgeous? She looks like a baby mountain lion! She was found hiding in the bushes by her dad Robert & she's been with him ever since. I used to sit alone at his place not really knowing where Sophie was hiding but now she comes out to see me. She's still won't always let me pet her, altho once in awhile I'm given the honor of touching her!


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In Loving Memory

HAPPY 2005


         Wow!-2005! Where did the time go? Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when we all woried about the change to 2000? This a big year for me! It's 10 years in business!! I look back on the first few months when I didn't know what was going to happen. I often laugh thinking about the first time I had to visit 3 houses in a row & I thought that was sooo busy! Now if I have 3 houses I think I'm on vacation! So many changes, so many new buddies! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have as many customers as I do & nice people too! So many new friends! So many pets! Wow!!! I'm still remembering all their names too! hehe And so many that have gone ahead to Rainbow Bridge. So many tears. I hope my next 10 years brings me as much happiness as these past have. I don't have a doubt with all of you that it will!
     Well-you sure caught me off guard this past Christmas/New Year! Maybe I jinxed myself saying that it is not usually my busiest holiday-because you guys sure buried me!! I had tons of fun tho- no problems! Thankfully the weather co-operated also so I didn't have any trouble getting from one place to the next. Lots of new buddies got added to our family! I had my head grow visiting with Darlene's kitty! I say it that way because she changed his name about 3 times on me, but I think she is all set now with Jasper! He was a shy-under the bed boy for the first 3 days but then we became best friends & he came running to greet me! hehe Ahhh- no greater feeling in the world than when you gain the trust of an animal!! I did not have that problem with Nick & Sam! I knew I was in for the laughs with those 2! Nick has got to be the most easy going dog-when he had a toy & Sam would take it away there was no squabble, Nick just simply walked over to the recycles & helped himself to a can! Or if handy the food or water bowls were good too! Nick has some trouble getting around so his excited jumps were lifting about an inch off the floor!
      Sam on the other hand was running & jumping & he'd come running in with a toy, then out with the toy & in with a different toy! on & on & on! I am so thrilled Laura asked me to care for them-they are great! Snowball followed me around the whole visit with him & his sister Bitsie. Snowball is part Siamese & doesn't look it but boy can he talk!! He sure had a lot to tell me! Oh--sigh--& then there was Coco. This picture is not the best because I was stumbling backwards while Coco was in attack my leg motion! A couple days before she had attached herself to my leg & I really wasn't looking foward to a repeat performance! So it's always nice to find a nice quiet bird-Sweetie joined Tweety & the rest of the family! Couple cuties-Fred & Barney are new fluffy buddies too! Last but not least we have another new puppy-Chipper joins Houston & mom Betty!
     I finally was able to get some pictures of Sandy & Niles's cats that were once feral & hanging around in their yard. Here are Pop, Baby & Cassat! There are more but I've never seen them!!
     Sadly we lost a few buddies to Rainbow Bridge. One of my best buddies David- he always demanded I sit & pet him-heck with the chores! His sister Victoria just passed as well-My heart goes out to their parents. Victoria was a kitty I had to see under the bed but the last few times she let me pet her a little. Both were with them for a long time & are painfully missed. Another best buddy-Rondo passed away last week. Rondo was the sweetest-just nice-kitty you would ever meet. The visits there won't be the same without my precious Rondo greeting me & making me smile.
      Way back when I was new at pet-sitting I met Maggie & Lily & since then have spent many many hours with them, but sadly we lost Maggie. Some of my favorite memories & laughs are about those 2 & their escape antics, & Maggie's constantly wanting belly rubs & giving me face licks! There will always be a special place in my heart for Maggie & she will be greatly missed by John & Mimi & by me. When I first met Holly & her gang of cats I never saw much of Abbey. As the years went by & some of the cats passed on the rest made their top-cat position changes & Abbey came out of her shell & became quite the little sweetie-pie. Now she joins some of those who've passed before her. I'm glad I was able to spend some time with her. Finally my Bobby. My big wonderful black kitty whose main purpose in life was to be spoiled & loved & he knew how to make that clear to you! It won't be the same there without king-Bobby. To all of the owners, my prayers are with you. It was some long time buddies we lost this time.
     Well, now that we've caught up on the family I should be off! I'm still way behind in my other pet-sitting duties--office stuff, yuck! Hopefully I'll be back to normal (whatever normal for me is!) by the end of the month! Until then- lets all have a wonderful 2005!! One thing that will never change is


JILL & the Fluffy Gang

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