June/July 2005
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In Loving Memory


Hi Fluffy Buddies!!

     Well this has gone on long enough so I decided to take matters into my own little paws-this is Suzi taking over the computer while Mom continues to whimper in the corner & pull out the last couple remaining hairs in her head.
     hey----I'm here tooo-Sarena, sigh-always last, Sarena.
     OK Sarena- fine, but I'm doing the typing.
     Yeah,yeah, yeah for now-but you are much older & I'm sure will need to use the litterbox waaayy before me!
     OK-I told the little imp there was food in her dish so she'll be gone awhile- Now, here's whats going on -the best I can understand it. It has to do with the box that's under this typing thingy. Mom always says she has to drive to visit you guys & she goes out in the BIG WORLD, gets in that box that has balls on the bottom-& it rolls away with her & that disgusting beast in it. Unfortunately the beast always comes back, ugh. I must train Mom--anyway, I'm getting off the track. So-you can imagine my surprise when she was talking about a drive but took the box under this typing thingy out & put it in the other drive & away it went. Now that didn't come back- ummmm Hello??? if that doesn't come back whats up with the smelly idiot? The next day she came back & brought the thingy drive back in-but now its bigger & black.
     Exxcuuuse meeee- Sarena here, Suzi- you better watch your back next time you are drinking water!!! I will take over now-Suzi has to peeee!! haha haha So-Mom gets the drive thingy all attached to these, ummmm-kinda look like a leash only these go into the wall from the thingy box. So after all those were attached she has huge grin on her face & sits down to look at this picture screen. Seems everything was going well-life was great-then after hours Mommy's grin wasn't so big & thats when she started blubbering.
     I'm back- Suzi again, Sarena was playing with the Cat Charmer & well-- umm-she's a little tied up right now. So it seems that this new box thingy Mom got doesn't have the same information in it that the other thingy had. Even tho she said it's on her back-up. I guess if it was on her back-down she'd be able to read it. So all these lists of all you guys are gone. She said she found some but the lists are old & so many things have changed since then.
     grrrrrrr- Someday, when I'm not last, Suzi is gonna pay---so the main thing Mom is upset about is right here where I'm typing. Is it called typing when it's paws that are hitting the buttons? I'll have to ask Sammy about that- he knows everything & he doesn't get mad or hiss. oops-off track. So I heard Mom when she was talking to herself with each hair she pulled out that a lot of the addresses in this typing area are wrong.
     Suzi here- what she's saying is that the addresses are outdated & some buddy's emails have changed but she doesn't have that info anymore. She didn't have that info anywhere else like her other lists. So she's planning to send out this letter-but I'm making it instead-& wanted to tell you that if you are reading this on paper that you recieved by that uniformed person, and you have an email that comes to you by little invisible uniformed persons, then please send the invisible people back to Mommy so she knows your address & can add it to her book.
     mooove-- Sarena now: Mommy said if you have an email address but you got this note on paper then you need to send her your address.
     Sarena-that's what I just said!

     You did not Suzi-if that's what you had just said then you would've said Mommy said if you have an email address but you got this note on paper then you need to send her your address, & that's NOT what you said!
     Kids! & she wonders why she's last. So Mommy said that is the biggest problem. She is also having trouble with her calendar but she has one on her desk that she makes these marks on with a pen, I guess they are letters, so at least she's good for awhile there. The rest of the things not in the box thingy she can put back in there but it will take time- time is my bowl is full, I eat, its empty, I wait, & its full again. So she asks that all you fluffy buddies be patient & if the uniformed persons, real or invisible bring you something thats not right just whisper it into her ear. But don't make her cry-pleeease!
     OK already Suzi- you know Mom wants everyone to know about the new fluffy buddies now. So here we go-We have: Elli Elli bo-belly, banana nana jo jelly, fee fy fo felly-Elli!!
     Ohhh dear heavens -what ever did I do--- Sarena- the kennel outside is filled to the top with whip-cream----- good she's gone again. Mommy truly enjoyed meeting Elli, the first Burnese Mountain Dog in our family. She has visited Riley before but now finally has his picture! This time when she visited with Bitsy & Snowball their dog Brandon was there. She got the picture of Caruso now even tho he is still has some fur growing in. She had a house full when she went to care for Itter, Tawny & the kittens who were waiting for homes: Piggy & Wiggles. The good news? They both found a home! Wiggles didn't have to move!! haha-pushovers! She kept pouring water in her eye so her people thought she had a eye problem! good for you Wiggles! There's also the dog Satie living with all those cats. . At another house she met Simba-- funny, he doesn't look anything like he did in the movie! Finally she met baby Gracie that now terrorizes Lucy the way Lucy did to Emma!
     What did I miss--- Wiggles Wiggles go giggles, bana---------------------------*%@&!
     That catches everyone up now I believe. Mommy told me the other night she was going to be very busy the next week & wouldn't be home much. She probably won't be back & capable of doing this newsletter again til August. Whatever little "in between eating" she
has she will be trying to make the box thingy fill up with names. She will also be under severe strict training with me on how to not return with the hairy, smelly, ugly, boogie-dog, ogre, icky poo-poo beast.

     Have a great 4th of July! May the booms not scare you!
Y-s h-p-y 4-h J-l-y! h-rd t- t-yp w-th p-ws s-ov-d in-o m-lk r-ng.

Luv Ya bunches

Jill & the Fluffy Paw Gang

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