March 2005
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  I just finished visiting with Brody & Jake. I was amazed that Brody takes his food out of his dish & brings it to the carpet, drops & eats it there. Now-that in itself isn't too strange. What is is that Brody picks up 12 pieces of food at once! These are not teeny pieces- they are good size! And he doesn't push them in his mouth-just opens & scoops them up! I counted- there were 12!! Waay too cute!!


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In Loving Memory

Happy Easter to all my fluffy buddies!

       Wow-When did Easter sneak up on me? Sorry this month newsletter is late but whew-you guys had me hopping for the last 3 weeks! I think everyone decided last minute to get out of this cold & snowy weather. One day I had a couple of visits on the calendar & the next day I was swamped! Most of the time I didn't even get confirmations out! I love seeing my fluffy buddies tho so I took every job & I had sooo much fun!
     We added our first Akita to the fluffy family! I have to admit I was a little bit cautious when it came to Jazz. He is big! & gorgeous & I went to do my first trial run & was surprised that he gave me no trouble getting in the house. But when we went to walk he got very nervous! That's backwards-most dogs love you for life after you take them on a walk! His person Sue & I think maybe he thought I was taking him away-poor guy had already been back into Akita rescue twice. We ended up having a great time & I love that big goofy guy! His whole 140 lbs jumps & turns circles in the air! Then I met big dogs Peaches & Duchess! No pics yet- I will be doing some walks so when Carole goes away they will be all used to me.
      Just finished a quick weekend with Winston- what a great dog! Patty told me they got him to raise thru puppyhood for him to go on to be a service dog! Winston never qualified for that because of allergies so he stayed with them & became a loving part of their family. I would throw his toy & if he didn't see where it went then he would walk very slow looking around for it. As soon as he spotted it he would run like crazy, tail waggin' a mile a minute! I laughed every time-in fact I tried to purposely throw it opposite direction so I could watch him! hahaha
     I just found out yesterday that Grace lost all 3 of her dear kittys in a few short months. I know all too well how that feels. I will miss Eliza, Penelopie & Lucinda also, but I'm looking foward to meeting Chelsea in a couple weeks! Chelsea was 7 yrs old when she adopted her! I always enjoy hearing when older pets get adopted too along with the puppies & kittens.
     Since this newsletter is late I will save time trying to find something to talk about & turn the rest over to Barb. Barb is my friend & "health educator". The following is info about the Arthritis Walk. This is a cause that's important to me. I don't have arthritis (thankfully!) but I do know what it's like to have constant joint/muscle pain & perhaps any discoveries in arthritis research would benefit me too! So if you can help in any way Barb & I will both be appreciative! And of course if you don't well then I will take my fluffy buddy from your house & hold them for ransom---ooops!!! no, no no--I won't do that! (Good idea tho-huh??)

     I need your HELP! I am the volunteer chairman of the Arthritis Walk again this year.. and I really want to make it a success..there are many ways to help!

     *Form a TEAM of all your favorite people!!! Raise funds together..       celebrate the day a great way to connect!

     * If you can't make the walk on May 14 then, can you make a donation?

     *Could you forward this message on to others who might be interested?       We really want to get the word OUT!

     I really appreciate all the help you can give.. This disease effects 66 million americans 300,000 are children who are disabled.. I just came back from Washington and I went to both the Senate and the House of Reps. and really very few people understand that Arthritis is soo much more than the pain in your knee that your grandmother gets... It is more often, an immune system problem that EATs your joints! We need research and money to support that.. and if you can help with the walk.. we would be one more step closer!

Take vary good care of yourself..
Happy Easter.. (and hopefully spring!)

The Event: The Arthritis Walk is the Arthritis Foundation’s nationwide walking event that raises awareness and crucial funds to fight arthritis, the Nation’s number one cause of disability. Each May it takes place from coast to coast, kicking off National Arthritis Month and raising money for research, community-based programs and services and advocacy initiatives.

When: May 14th, 2005 registration is 8:00 am to 9:45 am the walk begins at 10:00 am

Where: Rochester NY at Total Sports Experience

Why: The prevalence of arthritis is surging, affecting more than 356,949 locally and approximately 70 million (one in three) Americans. The Arthritis Walk raises awareness and critical funds to help prevent, control, and cure arthritis and related diseases.

Contact: Andrea Houlihan Arthritis Foundation - Rochester Chapter

585-264-1480 (office) 585-264-1517 (fax)

I hope you all
have a wonderful
Hoppy Easter!

I luv ya bunches

JILL & the Fluffy Gang

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