May 2005
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Chewy & Diamond


      It even isn't enough that Sue & Ben went that day to adopt a dog. This duo got them to switch species! These 2 tagged teamed them with their pathetic looks of "pleease-no one wants us!" Yes when they saw these people walk in with "sucker" written on their heads they knew they finally had a home! Actually Sue & Ben deserve kudos for taking in two older pets, bypassing the cute little baby antics! Chewy & Diamond were so scared when they first arrived but they picked the right family. After months of working with them they flourished & probably have never had life so good. They wouldn't sit in windows for the longest time & now they are always sunning themselves & enjoying the outside show! Good going Chewy & Diamond!!




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In Loving Memory

Hi Fluffy Buddies!!

     Happy May--for whatever it's worth! I wonder when I will be able to put my coats away?? It's nice to see the flowering trees & the tulips & of course the lilacs! I do love Spring, I really wish it would get warm tho! Well-I have no idea where April went! I was so busy every day-I guess everyone decided enough is enough & they left town. Now that it's a bit quieter I'm trying to catch up on all kinds of household chores because I sure am hoping that I will be seeing all of you in the next few months!
Who out there loves to shop garage sales? There is a very big one with lots of great stuff on June 2nd thru June 4th., 9 am to 4 pm. This sale benefits all the homeless animals being fostered by GRASP (Greece residents assisting stray pets). I would love to see lots of people support this wonderful cause & buy lots of stuff & bring your friends & family & the person at the store checkout, & the bank teller & oh heck-anyone walking down the street you see as you are driving there! The sale is at 227 Woodcrest Rd. It's on the corner of Wildwood Dr. which runs from Mt.Read to Dewey, just north of Maiden La. Lets raise lots & lots of money to help with these pets who need to be cared for until permanent homes can be found!!
     Also coming up on June 24th is Take Your Dog To Work Day ! I of course have that every day since Max is always with me. I don't know how I would get thru the days without him. He's such a quiet rider! I never have to argue with him where we are going! All kidding aside- he really does make a big difference. He makes me laugh which sometimes I need-especially dealing with a hectic schedule or a problem animal. He definately gets me out exercising more! So many times I try to talk myself out of rollerblading or taking that 2 mile walk but then I think how much Max enjoys it so I do it for him. I can't even begin to put words to how my heart feels when I see him prancing along in the grass, sniffing every tree, pole, etc huge smile on his face. Every day he reminds me to not take life so seriously & to appreciate the small things & enjoy nature & life. It is the smallest things-like stopping for an ice cream cone that brings him so much joy. (Well--kinda a bad example since ice cream cones can be pretty joyous for me!) If it's possible & your boss is willing it would be great if you could take your dog to work that day. An extra benefit besides the stress relief the dog creates is that maybe one of your pet-less coworkers would see how wonderful a dog can be & visit GRASP, or Lollypop or Rochester Animal Services & give a new home to a homeless animal! For more information feel free to contact me or you can visit Pet Sitters International at .
     As promised I have lots of new fluffy buddys that joined our family! Taking over the position of our eldest member is Callie! She is 20! She was so cute but she sure -literally-put me in my place. I would sit next to her on the couch & one time I thought I'd sit on her other side which is where her mom Sharon sat during our meet appointment. Well-Callie started hissing so I jumped up & went to the other side & she settled right down for her petting! I had a great time with Harry & Tookie while Jeneanne went away. Such sweet cats & we had a lot of fun playing. Another one who reminded me who was boss is Sonni. Now mind you-Sonni is a cockatiel! It was actually my last day & I put a cracker back in the clip for Sonni. I turned away for a few seconds & when I looked back it had fallen again into her dish. So I picked it up & tried to put it in more securely. Next time I looked the cracker was on the floor on the other side of the cage! Then I noticed she took all her little seed balls that I had just put in the dish & threw them on the floor of the cage! Not the ones that were in there-just the new ones! I told Cheryl & Bob I think they were away just 1 day too long! Shadow & Tiger-the tiger cat is named Tiger. I only saw them for a couple days but I will be seeing them again soon & I'm looking foward to getting to know them even better. Now-the reason I specifically mentioned who was Tiger is because at the same time at another house I was with Tiger & Woodsy where Tiger was the black cat! Did I forget to mention Shadow who lives with Tiger is a black cat? Do I have you totally confused? Try walking in my shoes! So to Judy who is mom to Tiger & Shadow -yes, the right cat got the meds even tho in the note I switched the descriptions! Back to Tiger & Woodsy- so much fun! Wonderful cats that I enjoyed every second with. (just like all my buddys!) But you must see Tiger- he is the only cat I have ever even seen that is solid black with blue eyes! Stunning!! Duchess, Linc & Max- all girls! Such joys! Not that easy to photograph since they thought the camera was the best toy they've seen. I got a lot of pitcures of noses! Ohh-my buddy Mickie! I was suppose to only see Cocoa at that house but Mickie not only came out but he let me pet him & he played like crazy with his new toys! hehe He is added to my "special needs" buddy list! I'm so glad Ann & Bruce invited me to meet their great cats! Then there was Brittany-my little sweetie. We took long walks and as all Shi-tzus she lived up to her image of herself as a 500lb tough-guy! She quickly won my heart! (like any don't!) Finally I met puppy Rocky. Rocky was a midday walk & he had to let everyone in the neighborhood that he was walk'n! We couldn't pass anyone without Rocky barking so they would see him! It was truly a pleasure spending time with him so Marge could enjoy her vacation & Tony worked! One thing tho Marge-I also leave hubby behind but I take my dog! hehe Also as promised you must see the picture of Gina- she is a ragdoll & really doesn't care if I'm there or not. I'm only useful until I've supplied her with her furry miceys! We got a picture of Toto finally to add to our album & of Snotpuss who I finally met! Wow- how about that! I told you last month there were a lot coming!
     Sadly we lost our favorite deer chaser. Chewy passed away this month & may be gone in body but not in spirit. I've known Chewy since almost the beginning & I got pulled behind her chasing deer in the original house & then again in the new house Lynn & Bob moved to. I know their hearts are breaking & my heart joins them. She will be sorely missed & I bet even the deer will miss her. She was one of Max's girls & a few weeks ago when we stopped in to let Logan out Chewy who was completely blind now found her way outside to see her pal Max. Another of my special buddys-Muffin passed away. Another tough girl-I don't think she even weighed 10 lbs? maybe a bit more. But boy could she put on a show- Max was smitten with her even tho he never got out of the truck to meet her. He would hang his head out the window & you know in the cartoons when the character was in love the little hearts floated around their heads--well, that was Max about Muffin! The look on his face-you could just "see" the hearts floating. Well Mufin played that for all it was worth-she would get in front of the truck-turn to look & make sure he was watching & then put out the biggest strut with her little rear swaying in that slow-motion walk, head held high! What a tease! & Max being a --(typical!hehe) --boy just ate it up! Muffin was the only dog Max got excited to see without ever getting out & actually meeting her. She's another sweetheart that will be sorely missed & I know how much by her mom Ursala. My prayers are with them all. I also found out Princess passed to Rainbow Bridge a few months ago.
     That'll do it this month. Have a great Memorial Day & I will be seeing some of you over that long weekend. Altho-I see all of you every day in my heart!


Luv Ya bunches

Jill & the Fluffy Paw Gang

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