October 2005
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    Is this a great picture? I don't usually pat myself on the back but this picture- she looks posed & proper! Itter is another- 'oh, you'll never see her' cat. Does she look like she's horribly upset?? :) She's a beauty!!




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In Loving Memory

Happy Halloween Fluffy Buddies!!

     I'm here! I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I never had a chance to write last month's newsletter since I was using every spare moment trying to get all the info back into my computer. It's coming along! My goal is to have it all finished by the end of the month which brings me to my first item:
I will be taking my annual trek to the hills of Ithaca on Nov. 7th! I will return on Nov. 12th. Laura will be here to do any visits needed during my down-time!
     I'm hoping everything is done with the computer by then because I will never get my mind to stop thinking of all the things I need to do. Once I get up to the B&B there is no phone or pager or email! Just me, Max & nature to be seen on miles of beautiful trails. Max loves going there-the first year there was a cat-Emo that lived there. Max was just smitten by Emo even tho Emo always smacked Max in the nose. Now the first thing Max does when we get there is run up on the porch to the chair where Emo hung out looking for him. He remembers all his friends there. I'm a bit worried tho that with all the gorgeous weather we've had that the bottom is going to drop out & I will get snowed in by a massive blizzard!
     As usual in the fall I have to issue my warning about antifreeze. So many of us will be checking & adding it to our cars & some may spill on the driveway. Antifreeze is very sweet & dogs & cats are attracted to it & lick it up. Antifreeze is extremely toxic & less than a teaspoon can kill a cat or small dog. Please be careful that your pets do not get into it because we don't want to hear of any sad accidents happening over the holidays. Also very toxic- Chocolate! After the little 2-footers run around the neighborhood collecting their trick & treats goodies don't let them share their treasures with their fluffy family members.
     I was shocked to see how many new fluffy buddies we added over the summer! The pictures were the most time consuming thing to get back in the computer. At first computer guy John told me he couldn't recover them. I was in tears-I literally had hundreds of pictures I had taken over the months. I don't know how he managed to recover them but he did! I didn't even care if I had to re-enter the address books & other info in exchange for getting all those pictures back. I'm forever grateful that John got them back!! My website guy John (different John!) was also shocked when he got 67 pictures to add to the photo albums! So instead of having him put links on to each new picture, & I would have to type each name!, I decided to create an album in Kodak Gallery! It was a lot of fun & now with 1 click you can see all the pictures! If you view them 1 at a time their names are on the bottom, but if you see them all at once on the screen then the names aren't there. If you get that page just click on 'slideshow' above the pictures & you will get the individuals. You will need to sign in when you get on the site. If you don't already have a log-in password just go to the top right & create a new account-it's Free! This is the old Ofoto location-Kodak just changed the name to Kodak Gallery. If you have a log-in with Ofoto it works here also. You can also buy prints of the pictures from here! So click on! You can see all the buddies I mentioned the past couple months & some new ones too! You'll see adorable kittys- Grainne (Granyay) who I had the pleasure of watching just a couple times. I hope to see her more in the future. I spent a long time with Ginger! A young one-full of energy! Gave me tons of laughs! See Jack- another of my shy-cat win overs! Took a couple days but he came out from under the couch & we had a blast along with his brother Mister. Hidi & Pebbles are there, they joined Max who've I've visited before. Zoe & Charlie-you have to see the picture of Zoe! I usually don't put those type in the albums but she was just so darn cute I couldn't resist! Johnny has a pic now-he lives with Woodsy & Tiger. I got a better picture of Susie Q along with new puppy Winston. Another couldn't resist pic- Willie! His sis Susie was much more regal- Boston Terriers they are. Did I mention Teeshan & Magic before? Teeshan the Keeshond! Very new ones-Maggie & Minnie. Maggie was quite the shy girl but I was starting to get thru to her. Hopefully I will visit with them again & get her to be best buddies. Cutie-pie Riley-golden retriever. I was told to walk him around the block. Well, we would get to a certain spot & Riley would stop dead in his tracks & would not budge until I turned around & we headed back home. He did this a couple times & then mom Cindy called to check on them so I told her. Then I asked her-which way she went out of the driveway! haha-she went right & I was going left. Riley knew when we got to that corner that we were supposed to be heading in the other direction! He lives with Shadow & Precious. Precious was supposed to be the feral kitty I would never see! haha- I was petting her after a few visits! There are lots more that were mentioned before. Enjoy!
     We lost 2 very special to me fluffy kittys. I will miss Boots terribly, I have so many fond memories with her. I started visiting her not too long after I started pet sitting. My funniest memory was the time I visited her when I was sick. She was the last visit after about 6 or 7 other ones & I was so cold & feverish. I was on the floor with Boots & she was never much of a snuggle cat but that day she curled up next to me on the floor under the afghan. I actually fell a sleep & woke up about an hour later. I looked around since Boots had left me & when I saw her she was up on a chair glaring at me with this look saying-"aren't you supposed to have left by now?". We also lost Misty, my sweet dear Misty. She was a classic Persian-feed me, pet me, serve me, bow to me, OK- your done now leave! Good thing I had Tiffany there too to make me feel somewhat appreciated! Nothing like a Persian to pop my big head & remind me of my inferiority. They too have been in my fluffy family since the beginning. In fact I met them & their parents not more than a year after I began. My sincerest sympathies to Kathy & David & Mary & Ed. My heart is richer for knowing Boots & Misty & there will always be a hole where they took a piece with them. I am honored to have known them & thank-you for allowing me to share their love with you.
     I guess I will get back to entering the rest of info into my computer. Have a great & safe Halloween!


luv you bunches

Jill & the Fluffy Paw Gang

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