Vol 4  Issue 1

Editor - Jill Nuciolo 

  February 14, 2001

 I can't believe my Mom still has not written you guys so I thought it was time I took matters into my own pawsys!! Every night she comes into the bedroom to see me & I try to push her to the computer but she thinks I am snuggling with her. The next thing I know she is petting me & suddenly I am purring away & that's that!  I know she & that ogre Max thing are on something called a diet?!?  I'm not sure what that means, but I know she is constantly complaining in the morning when she is getting dressed that her rear end sticks way out. That ogre as far as I am concerned has everything stuck way out & none of it is something I want to see- Yuck!!   Uuuuggggllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   & that is my opinion! I just hope that Mommy forgets that he is on a diet & maybe his whole self will just up & vanish one day!!   a little plop of fur, which with one poof-  gone---------    !!   hehehehe  

So enough about that gross thing-I get shivers everytime I think of it!  So- Mommy has been going to someplace- club I think she calls it-  anyway-whatever it is she brings home wet towels & smelly clothes.   Then she tells me that she really really hates this cold weather & all that icky white stuff that falls & fills up my cage. I can't blame her there- I hate it too & when it is so cold I find myself going to the nice warm waterbed everytime I want to sleep which does not leave me much in exploring the rest of the sleepy places so I can only hope that they are still soft & snuggly & waiting for me. That's as long as this other bunch of lunatics-the 4 zanies haven't destroyed them all. You can not believe the stuff they get into- especially that Shey-- if I put his name in this computer thingys & then hit this button that says Delete--will Shey disappear ???   If anyone out there knows-please write me & tell me how to do it-OK?  So- one day Mommy had something laying on her desk-it was one of those pretty round things people wear on their claws- & the next time she went to the desk it was gone-still in the box too!  So she took this big round thing that if you look straight at you go blind from the bright light & started searching under all the furniture. Well- you cannot begin to imagine how many toys she found under this huge wood shelf thing! Then besides half our toys ( I think it was 2- that would make 4 total-we are very deprived!-please send toys!)   she found a roll of stamps, little figurines that belonged on those shelves, pens, & on & on!  I thought for sure that'd be the end of that brat living here-but guess what?  Mommy says that even tho she thinks it was Shey, she will not blame him since she didn't actually SEE him do it!!  I cannot understand how that snot on snot gets away with all these things!!  Now he's strolling through this hose with his nose stuck so far in the air that if it rains he will drown!  ( lite-bulb!!  :)   )   Oh-yes-she did end up finding the box 2 days later all the way on the other side of the house!

Well- that gives you an idea of the kinds of things that are going on around here & has Mommy's time all used up. I'm sure that once the flowers start to replace the white stuff she will be bouncing back to herself.   In the meantime I will help her out whenever I can- if I can just figure out how to push Shey out the door when Mommy & the ogre go out!! 

Mommy has a best-est buddy named Boo that she visits.  Boo looks very nice-he is all white-so Boo Emails my Mommy every now & then & this one time he

told the story of how he got his name!   It's been sitting on the desk so I know

Mommy wants me to share it with you cause it's a cute story.  It seems that Boo was hiding in the flowers by the porch of his house when his new person-to-be came out.  Her name is Angela & when she saw the white in her flowers she thought it was one of those plastic bags that people bring home the food in so she reached down to pick it up.  That's when Boo moved & startled Angela & she jumped way up in the air & screamed! hehehe   So Boo got his name & a new home! 

Speaking of bringing home food in plastic bag-what is that all about??  What happened to the good ole mouth for carrying those miceys??  & I have tried to carry those bags & all I get is yelled at to get out of it?  Boy-it sure is tough being a cat these days!

Some other news about all our buddies-  We are assuming that P.J. & Sadie got moved into their new home OK- we haven't heard positively but they are probably very busy sniffing everything out & choosing their spots.  A couple of our buddies moved along to the Rainbow Bridge- we are  very sad about Tucker leaving us. He was that total Babe that had his picture taken with a sparkly ball in front of his nose- he was a hunk! & I was really looking foward to meeting him someday!  I guess I still will, but it'll be awhile. Then also Yaicha left her family in tears & took her trip too. Our huge sad eyes go out to Carol & her family,  & Cindy & her family. I hope they know that we share in their loss. 

Now there is new Buddy- Panda!  Panda is a d-d-d-dog, (````shiver ````)  but Mom

would want me to mention it anyway.  Panda will be another playmate to Max once they get to accept each other-they are still doing some stupid dancing thing together but today they got running after each other so Mommy says they will be great friends in no time.  Panda & her person-Irene will love our extended family of buddies I'm sure !  (gag-  a d-d-dog! ```) 

One thing Mommy did do one weekend was get some new pictures to webby Linda to be added to the photo album so be sure to check that out.  And after the holidays webby Linda got Mommys webby pages all fixed & working ! so anyone out there that may have been having a problem-try it again!  & Lets keep our pawsys crossed for Mommy-the Pet Sitters International is having a webby page contest & Mommy sent hers in so lets hope she wins cause then when people jump into the webby place they will see all our adorable faces!  We'll be even MORE famous!  The Fluffy Buddies will be know all over-the whole city! the whole state! the whole country! the whole world!!!  OH heck- the whole Universe!!!   Every one will know the Fluffy Buddy Gang!! & their leader! -SUZI  !!!  Yippeeee!!! 

My pawsys are getting very tired now & I am waaayyy past my nap time so I will be ending this. Just one more thing- Mommy wanted to say a special Thank-you to webby

Linda for all the holiday cards we send & the photos &  business cards that she makes! & just before Christmas, even tho she was very busy, she dropped everything to get our annual Christmas poem up on the newsletter !!  Thank you webby Linda!  You get a special smootchy from the cutest fluffy buddy of them all--  ME!!! 

OK fluffy buddies- all together now!



Suzi ... on behalf of Mommy & of course-
the fluffy gang!  ( not ogre)

...and just one more thing to remember





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