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Happy Easter!

FluffyPaw's  Newsletter

  Vol. 4  Issue 2                        Editor - Jill Nuciolo                     April 10, 2001


       Can it be----  can it be that Spring has finally sprung!!   We had some beautiful days here this past week & I was lovin' every minute of it!   Even my dogs on the daily walks-Tessy, Fenway, Max, Panda & for 1 week I had Houston & Brandy were full of energy when the temperatures rose & boy did they "work" me!  But that's OK cause when that sun is shining & it's warm I feel like a million bucks! 

I hope you all get a chance to check out the new photo album-there is a picture in there of Panda that shows just what I go thru when I try to take pictures of my fluffy buddies!  It took me many many tries to get a picture of Panda cause as you can see----every time I put the camera to my eye she had to come running over to me to see what it was!  There are 2 things I can expect on the day I bring my camera & that is, that I will spend extra time on that trip & that I will laugh til my side hurts!   These past couple weeks have been quite the time in my house!  Shaney got an urinary tract infection on the morning that he was scheduled to visit the Veterinarian for his annual check-up!  Shey, Sammy & Sidney were also scheduled for that afternoon, so I took Shaney  in the morning & dropped him off as I wasn't sure whether he had the UTI or if he had stones & was blocked.  When I took the other 3 boys in that after noon, I picked up Shaney & his medications. Then the

fun starts as Shaney is not very fond of me since I am the one who is always putting those disgusting things down his throat.  So when a cat gets scared & wants to get away they try to hide & Shaney's favorite place to hide is under the waterbed!  So 2 times a day for over a week I am shimmying my way under the waterbed & then trying to maneuver my arms around & hang on to him while giving him the pill!  I want you to know that the opening under the bed is only as wide as I am & I have to be on my belly.  I can't get under the bed from the front 'cause I can't make the turn to go down the center, so I have to creep from the back of the bed and guess where Shaney "hides"?    In the front of the bed!!   So I am creeping the whole length of the bed!  He goes under there the minute he hears me come home & if I had a choice, I prefer he is there as if I block it off then he goes outside & I would never catch him!  Anyway, last Monday, when I was so pleased that Shaney's meds were done, doesn't the UTI come back with a vengeance & drop poor Shaney like a fly!  I really thought the little guy was dead!  He was laying under a 6" shelf up against the wall & when I moved the cart out he didn't even move or resist when I put him in the carrier.  So back to Veterinarian & she gave him fluids & pain killer & anti-inflammatory & antibiotic!  The best part- More meds to bring home!!   Yaaayyy!!!   Thought I was getting a little chubby & needed to squeeze under that good-ole waterbed for another week & 1/2 !!  I tell you all right now- anyone who  wants to go on a diet & loose some inches, can come straight over here & in addition to the waterbed crawl, we can attempt to cut Max's nails or give him a bath-those are great workouts too. !!   I think Shaney is on the mend now-he is running all around & eating & giving me a real hard time about getting his meds-that's always a good sign!  I bought some holistic liquids to add to his food from now on that is supposed to promote a healthy urinary tract so we shall see how this all works out! 

I have some new buddies that I met & added to our family these past couple months.  Remember Dusty who passed away almost a year ago? Well-his Mom Sue went to the Animal Service League last fall & adopted 2 kitties!  Mom cat is Diamond & she is 8 years old & with her was her daughter-Chewy who is 5.  They both were having a terrible adjustment & the wonderful people at the ASL expected to have Diamond & Chewy for ever as they were not attracting the potential adopters, that is, until big-hearted, love-filled Sue walked in the door!!  Both Diamond & Chewy have settled in to a fantastic home & life & are flourishing!!  I had the great opportunity to spend time with them last weekend & we had so much fun!  I still have to be cautious, not move to quickly or try to grab them, but they didn't run & hide & they loved the Cat Dancer & Cat Charmer toys!  And they got lots & lots of petting!   During Easter week I will be visiting 3 new kitties living with Melody-Tabitha, Spencer & Katie.  I am looking forward to playing with them-Spencer is a purebred American Shorthair; Katie is a British Shorthair & Tabitha is a Maine Coon that looks just like Shaney!   I want to also welcome Squeaky & Morris who's Dad is Harold.  They are both orange cats & unfortunately Squeaky is very shy & all I saw of her was her back-end running to the basement.  But Morris stayed out to entertain me.  I don't remember if last time it was mentioned that Kay called me one night desperately needing a sitter as the one she had scheduled had just canceled & Kay was leaving the next day!  So I was thrilled to find waiting for me when I accepted the job Jonah, Monki & Fred!  The later 2 being 8 month old kittens!  Check out their pictures too -they are so adorable!  Jonah & I had a couple times of adjusting, but he soon accepted me & we ended up having a blast!  Jonah is so sweet with the kittens-I wished I could've taken my Max to him for some lessons!!  Not that Max is nasty-just a bit too rambunctious & excitable !  (100 lbs. of excitable!!)  I also met Peek-A-Boo & Bailey! I visited them during one of the worst snow accumulations we had this winter while Amy & Jerry were off getting the sun!  I was positively pleased that I made every single trip without a problem thanks to my 4x4 truck!!   I even pulled all the way up in the driveway thru 10" of snow! 

Guess what I got thru Email yesterday??   I got an invitation to join the Pet Sitters website ring!!  So now you will be able to click into the ring from my website & one by one flip thru a bunch of other web sites belonging to Pet Sitters!  I thought that was quite an honor to be asked-the person who runs the ring must've liked what he saw!  Once it's up & going I hope you all take a look-should be fun. (& then you can write me & tell me how mine is the best-est!!)  hehehehe  


As I said earlier-looks like Spring is finally here which means that
indows will be opening, cleaning will be on it's way & lots of new dangers for my fluffy buddies!   When you are opening the windows for the first time, please double check the screens so no pet goes falling out a window.  During the cleaning, if you are going to leave a door open so it's easier carrying things out, please make sure the fluffies are confined into a room so there is no escaping.  Our pets get confused when they make the mad dash out & some forget their way back & all kinds of terrible things can happen.  Oh- & if your pet is an outdoor fluffy-please do a thorough check of the places it is likely to roam. A most disturbing event happened in Batavia -the Mother of one of my customers found a kitty with a leg-hold trap on her leg!  She tried to catch the kitty so that she could help her, but the kitty was too scared & hobbled off.  This poor little kitty has not been seen for 2 weeks now & we don't know if someone else found her ( I hope!)  or if some other awful fate occurred.  It's up to us to protect our little buddies & to remember that there are some very nasty cruel people we have to share this earth with!  Check where your pets are during your Spring activities so there are no reports of accidents. Also as the flowers start blooming & you want that sweet smell in your home- please be sure kitty mouths stay off as many flowers & plants are poisonous to animals or cause a stomach upset & illness if ingested. The Easter bunny is coming-no chocolate for our pets!!  Fill their baskets with treats or toys!

Have a very Happy Easter!   I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you over the vacation, & I'm hoping to see more of you this summer.  In the meantime-stay safe & happy & as always-----

LOVE YA BUNCHES!!!!!               

            Jill & the Fluffy Gang





Created 4/11/2001