FluffyPaw's  Newsletter
   Vol. 4  Issue 3                     Editor - Jill Nuciolo                       May 25, 2001
Hi All My Fluffy Buddies !!!   

I hope you are all out enjoying this gorgeous weather we've been having. I have been thrilled during all my outings with you walkers that the sun has been shining & the birds are singing & the sky is so blue & the temperatures so warm !   I think we probably appreciate Spring much more than people where it's always warm. During the past few weeks, I was watching Chewy while Bob & Lynn were on a 2 week vacation. So I thought to help cheer Chewy up, I would let Max out of the truck to go on her walks with us. They did so good together on their first outing, then came the second trip & the black Labrador next door-7 mo. old Angus came out & decided to join us also. From that point on, I had to have all 3 when we went walking or listen to the crying!  The first time we went THAT---Angus's Mommy wasn't home to let him out, he was whining & barking & I could still hear him when we were waaayy back in the woods! & Max didn't like that at all-he kept turning around looking for his Angus Buddy!   So when we got back, I took a chance &

tried the door & sure enough-it was unlocked!  So I snuck in-(I felt sooo guilty & sneaky!) - & let Angus out. Then of course, we had to do the whole walk again!  When I got Angus back in the house, I figured I better leave some sort of note in case Erika could tell someone had been in her house. The real problem was where to leave the note?  I noticed Angus's empty food bowl near by & decided that was a good place. The next day, Erika told me she never saw the note in the bowl-but when she got into bed that nite, Angus came in the bedroom with the note in his mouth & handed it to her !!  This is Angus who chews up his toys in less than 30 seconds !!!   The 3 of them had a blast!  Running in the woods, chasing the deer, playing in the creek!  Not my favorite as they were total mud-feet!  I had the highest heart during those walks watching the 3 enjoy every little sniff & every step they took.  It occurred to me that here we had a Labrador, a Chowchow & a German Shepard yet never once did their differences cause any hatred or violence to each other. They were inseparable & truly loved each other. If only people could be more like that! If all would take a lesson from the dogs & look at the inside & not the outside what a glorious world this would be! 

One early morning we were in the woods & there is a huge hill that we sometimes climbed over. We did that AM but as I was coming down the hill I realized Max did not come over with us!  I called & called & he did appear on the top of the hill but then ignored my "come" & disappeared again. By now, I was pretty upset (which Max can tell by the change in my voice), so he finally came bounding over the hill with another black Labrador right behind him!  Now I had 4 dogs with 1 that I have no idea who he is!  Max was just overflowing with pride & happiness. I kept telling the newcomer to go back home but he kept following. When we all got into the backyard, Max & new-comer decided now was time to see who was the dominant dog. The fight started innocently but soon escalated to a wild growling matchI

have Max by the leash now literally dragging him up the yard which is about 200 ft. with an upgrade. I keep telling new-comer to go home but he still won't listen!  When I got back up to the house, thankfully, Erika-(Angus's Mom) was out after hearing the commotion. I got Max into truck & Erika was able to read new-comers tag & give me the address so off him & I & Chewy went to take him home. As we were getting closer down the street I noticed a lady standing in the middle of the road & as I figured, she was looking for her wandering dog! As it all ends, I find out the new-comers real name? ------ Max !!!!!   No wonder he kept following-I kept saying "Max Come" !!!  I told the lady I wanted to blame my dog for all of this but I suppose I have to take 1/2 the blame-but at least her dog listens well !!  The next morning doesn't Max go right up to the house & start to walk IN their door looking for his new buddy Max !!  I can't believe he did that-I was soooo embarrassed!   Many times after that, as we walked in those woods, Max would start to drift off in the direction of Max's house hoping I wouldn't notice.  It was great 2 weeks of walks & Chewy seemed much less lonely this time around. They were all pretty exhausted after the walks-well, except Angus. I know there are 3 awfully sad doggies right now since they have not seen each other for a few days. After Chewy's Mom & Dad came home, I was to start sitting for Spike & Lady who happen to live right across the street from Chewy !!  When we get within a mile of Chewy's house, Max is jumping around crazily in the truck with excitement so how was I to explain to him that we weren't going to see Chewy & Angus? So before visiting the kitties, I took the 3 on their walk in the woods!

I have some other news-sort-of unrelated to buddies-  I had laser surgery done to one eye to

correct my vision!!  I am tentatively scheduled for the beginning of June for the other eye. It is really wild that I can see without contacts or glasses!  I have been wearing glasses/contacts since 2nd or 3rd grade!   I decided to go ahead with it because I am always getting pet hairs stuck in my contacts which, because I wore hard lenses, made my eye clamp shut & water like Niagara Falls until I could pop the contact out & it usually happened while I was driving-especially on the expressways !! Not a great thing let me tell you  :)   I'm so glad that it all went well & the vision is clearing & now I just can't wait til the other one is done.

We have a couple sad news to report- I learned that Maddie Mae passed away recently, our prayers go to her mommy Linda that she left behind. I will always remember Maddie as the Houdini dog that was outside when I pulled in the driveway one evening!  She got up on the back of the couch & popped the screen out & jumped out!   I was in a total confused haze when I got out of the car & saw her running down the walk towards me.  It could've been very serious tho since she had no water out there & it was a very hot day in the sun.  She hid under the bushes I think but she did drink loads of water when coming in so I know she had been out there awhile.  I also got a note from Diane that Muffin passed to Rainbow Bridge. :(  Seems that the money-grabbing pharmaceutical companies caused that one since they stopped making the insulin that cats need as it wasn't "profitable".  Muffin could not become stabilized on the human insulin, his bod

y was attacking it as if it was a foreign substance. After trying unsuccessfully for 3 months to get Muffin regulated, they finally had to say their goodbyes. I am so angry when I hear of situations where we loose our buddies because of money-making corporations that will not make available the resources we need to treat & help our pets. I'm sure they make more than enough money on their other products to offset the minor loss they may endure on beef insulin.

Some good news- I met Peco last week & he joins our Buddy List. I actually sort of knew Peco already as he is the neighbor of Annabelle. I always called him neighbor puppy when he was out! It's great to know his name-altho when I visit with Peco do I need to call Annabelle-neighbor puppy ??  hehehehehe   I went to see P.J. & Sadie in their new home also. They moved back in January & seem to have adjusted nicely to the new home. Mike & Barb are doing a lot of remodeling on the house & I was surprised to see P.J. not at all disturbed by the banging & noise. I was thrilled to hear that Sue & Jeff got a new Labrador puppy-Petey ! They lost Fred the Dalmatian a few months ago so I'm sure they are having fun with a dog in the house again.

Our own Web Page Linda has another little Birman kitten in her house too ! She tells me the 2 older kittens are quite the trouble makers & we all know that they will be sure to teach their younger kitty all their great tricks! Linda also has 2 other Mommies who may be pregnant so lots more kittens on the way! 

I have been having an awful time with Shaney the past month or so. Remember he had an urinary infection-well he is now on his 4th one!  Seems within a week of when I stop the antibiotics he is sick again. Now the Doctor tells me they think he has a condition where his own immune system is attacking his bladder. He may have to be on medicines the rest of his life!  I also had to get special food that he has to eat. I can no longer buy the food at the store with coupons!  I have to feed all 6 the special food since it is almost impossible to keep them from changing dishes during feeding time. The biggest culprit being Sammy who loves to try to get to everyone's dishes fast & get as much canned food into his tummy as he can!  I sure hope I stay skinny as crawling under the waterbed every day to give Shaney his pills will get difficult if I get too fat!  Just the other day, I got stuck under there because my arm got wedged under my body when I was trying to maneuver & just that extra little got me stuck in the archway !!  I suppose I

should take a phone with me so I could call someone if I ever do get stuck!

I guess that's about all the news for now. I will be seeing many of you this weekend  & am looking forward to it.  I hope the rest of you will be seeing me sometime over the summer!  But for now----


LOVE YA BUNCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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