FluffyPaw's Newsletter
   Vol. 4  Issue 4                     Editor - Jill Nuciolo                       June 27, 2001



     Here I am sitting at my computer with no contacts or glasses &  I can see !!  I had the 2nd. eye lasered a couple weeks ago & they are both healing up nicely and getting clearer by the day.  This has to be the best thing I have done for myself ---oooops-- make that second best-starting my Pet Sitting business is the best !! That's because I got to meet the best dogs & cats in the whole wide world!

     Well-on the medication front- Shaney was on his meds for 1 month & they ran out last Sunday.  Now we have to see if he has another relapse since if he does, it will probably mean meds for the rest of his life.  He along with the other 5, have been eating only the special urinary food so I sure hope that it enough to keep Shaney healthy!   In the meantime poor Kwan got sick.  Of course-3 days after Shaney stops meds, I am now giving Kwan pills! & guess where Kwan likes to spend time??  10 points to whoever guessed under the waterbed!!!   Kwan's problem is respiratory infection-he's been sneezing & sneezing. I think he's going for the Guinness Book of World Records on consecutive sneezes!.  Unfortunately tho, he was so congested that we think he couldn't put his head down to eat so he stopped eating & lost a bit of weight.  Now that he is on an antihistamine he is eating loads & on his way to recovery too !!  Why does it seem that all the sick kittys end up in certain houses & other houses that have just as many kittys, they are all well?  Another house where all the kittys seem to have problems is where my Best Buddy Boo lives with Angela & Laura.  Boo's sister Eleanor spent the week at the hospital & had to have surgery to remove a hairball !   Thankfully all went great with the surgery & Eleanor is now home recovering &  I know my Boo is watching out for her & keeping his other brothers & sisters away.

     Then I went to take care of Angel for a week & he needed pills to help a possible heart problem. As it all worked out he does not have a heart problem & I was sure thrilled to hear that ! 

     The best news of all-I went for almost 2 weeks to visit with Ben, Edgar &

Eliot. Make sure you visit the picture album cause there is now a picture of Eliot !!   Eliot was the kitty at that house that I never saw except for maybe the tip of his ears when I searched the attic for him. This time he not only came down for an appearance, but he played as well ! & the very best- I actually got to pet him !!! Not much-a little hand on the head but heck-I'll take anything I can get.  Eliot was also walking right up to me to take catnip from my hand.  Boy I sure love that feeling when a shy or scared or abused kitty or doggy trusts you enough to come near.

     Tiffany & Misty, the 2 kittys living with Ed & Mary have officially moved to their new home in Victor. :(  I still am thinking of possibly making the trips to Victor to visit with them as I have known them for over 5 years. Anyway-Mary & Ed built this gorgeous home out there & I went to see it & I am still in awe! This home has huge windows all along the one side of the house that overlook miles away! The house is built way up on a hill & they have woods around the house & there are lots of deer, chipmunks, birds & wildlife all around & they have lots & lots of turtles !!  The whole house is in the shape of a horseshoe so the inside has no corners--all the walls bend around like a horseshoe, & the ceilings are high & it's got loads of sunshine & it's just absolutely stunning.  I wish them the best of luck with it-there are for sure no 2 nicer people & they surely deserve it !  They haven't been able to move PacMan & Eddie yet- they are the salt water fish !  In fact-while you are visiting the picture album check them out too! They are the first fish to go on the web-site. The salt water fish are so bright & beautiful, but they are a lot of work & care & not anything like your ordinary fish. There is a new tank waiting for them at the new house but it has to have starter fish in it for awhile since the fish have stuff-like nitrates-that go into the water. The levels of all this stuff has to be right before PacMan & Eddie can be put in the new tank or they will die. So they are living at the old house but Mary tells me it should be soon & then they will be going to the new house.  I sure hope they get along with the starter fish cause they are beautiful too !

     Speaking of pictures-Snowball is a new buddy- he is a bunny!  We lost Sally from our family tho :(  . Sally had an accident and went on up to wait for us at Rainbow Bridge. Snowball is the new bunny with Carol & Chuck, & they also got a new puppy-Riley.  I went to check on Snowball for a couple days but Riley went with his family so I haven't met him yet.

     Can you believe it's almost July 4th already??  I know I am one that is definitely enjoying this summer. My pool temperature has been 88 degrees!  How nice to be swimming when I am in between visiting with all of you.  It gets me nice & refreshed for my next visits!  I just realized -none of my own fluffys here have fallen in the pool this year. Shaney, Sammy & Shey did chase a duck onto the solar cover one time but the cover held & when they started getting wet paw-sys they ran right off.  When I am out there & Max is in his kennel, he has his own wadding pool that he loves to stand in & he plays in the hose when my husband holds it out for him.  In fact-a few days ago when I was roller-blading in the cemetery, there were some sprinklers going on the lawns & Max took off toward them & was running thru them & jumping around !!  It was a hot morning that day & if I wasn't so "human conscious" I almost went playing thru them also :)  hehehehe   Lets hope the summer stays this nice & hot, and that none of all you fluffy buddies have any accidents around the pools.  We also must remember not to leave the dogs out in the sun with no protection, or in cars with the windows up.  I do not want to hear about any of buddies meeting the fate of that poor dog recently that was tied outside & ended up dying from sun/heat exposure.  I suppose this is not the proper place to express my feelings about what I think should be done to the owner of that dog.

     That'll do it for this version- I have a new program on my computer that I need to figure out how it works cause I am working on a very special Christmas surprise for all of you!! hehehehehe  I will not tell-  it's a surprise !   I will also not tell any of you fluffy buddies just in case--- have you seen that commercial when the guy says the only one that knows his secret recipe is Duke & he's not talking---then they switch to Duke holding an auction for the recipe??? hehehehehe    So I'm not taking any chances that any of you may know Duke !!  It'll be great tho--

     Have a wonderful 4th of July- stay healthy & happy !!   Hope to see you all very soon!


LOVE YA BUNCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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