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   Vol. 4  Issue 5                     Editor - Jill Nuciolo                      September 5, 2001


  I know- it's been way too long, but what a summer I have had. First of all I have some very sad news :(  My own kitty KwanDo continued to decline even with all the medication & love I was giving him & on August 5th he passed away & went off to

live with all our other fluffy buddies up at Rainbow Bridge. It does bring comfort to know there are so many great buddies up there with open paws & hearts to welcome my "big-guy".  He is truly missed by, not only his Mom & Dad, but his kitty siblings too. Suzi, who I adopted with Kwan, was very depressed for a few days. She just laid on Kwan's favorite robe under the bed. She is now coming out tho & seems to be adjusting. Shaney has taken over Kwan's role as big brother to Suzi. For those of you who knew about Kwan's passing I want to Thank You deeply for your words of compassion & nice cards.

This is gonna be fun!!!

With all this going on & the 4th of July holiday coming up, wasn't I just lucky enough that on my way out of a home, I stepped into a hole in the ground & sprained  my ankle!  So those of you who saw me over the 4th, know that, I was quite the gimpy one!  That put me behind in my office work since it was taking me twice as long to hobble my way thru your visits!  Then a couple weeks ago my computer went down for 2 weeks while I waited for a new mother-board!  I have just finally today found the top of my desk again!  Note: none of these things ever happen when it's my quiet times!! Always in the summer when I am at my busiest!  So instead of working & keeping up with all the "boring" parts of my job, I would come home & sit with my ankle in the air & eat candy !!   Shall I mention-- good for the butt--NOT !! & no exercising either! Max put on a pound during my lay-up, I didn't weigh myself--no use depressing me more! hehehe

      On the Shaney front-  Yup-- I will be crawling under the waterbed to give him meds for rest of his life!!  (got to watch my butt size now!)  Oh joy on joy!!!!! Like I didn't expect that to happen!!  I don't know what the heck is going around with a lot of our kitty buddies but it seems many of them are getting some kind-of "flu" like sickness. Luckily all have been recovering with antibiotics but they get so terribly sick. I have never seen so many get the same type of illness at the same time like this.  I continue to send loving thoughts to all recovering kitties.

     Boy have I been busy signing up new buddies to our family!  There are so many that I will have to just welcome them all by name.  First we have: 

        Cody & Jody who live with Laura & Mike- Mike is    
            the photographer who took the wonderful 
            picture of Max & me that is now on the main 
            fluffypaw page!  
     Timothy & Robin-beautiful Himalayans & their 'parents' Pam & Richard;  
     Minnie-a Cairn Terrier who is 15! & has lived it all with Carolyn & Ken;  
     Taffy- a new buddy of Max's & her people Meg & Jim;  
     Max & Sandy who live with David & his daughters along with Chester & Elvis too!;
     Ash, Cinder & Speaker who's parents are George & Melinda & their "uncle" is one
           of our buddies-T.J.; 
     Here's a bunch- ( I thought Hollie had A diabetic cat! ) but when I arrived I met
           Max, Pumpkin, Abby, Eddie, Eadie, YumYum; 4 Guinea pigs & ( I think)--
           18 gerbils !!!
     Lucy & Tiffany & dad David;   
     Max the kitty who really missed Fern & Bill;  
     Winston- cute puppy beagle with Phyllis & Jeff;     
     JesseBob, Sadie & Lucy who I'll care for while Cindy & Jerry are away;  
     And finally, I will visit Sherman every day while Rich works!   
     One of our long-time fluffy buddies Humphrey, Sweetie & Bela have     
            (somewhat?)  welcomed Junior into their home. I think the decision was made
         by Paula without consulting the others tho! 

  And another new add-but of the human "breed"- Huge Congrats to Kim & Carl for adopting their second daughter from China!!

     Now I would like to share with all of you, a letter I received from Kate. It shows that the simple things in life can bring so much joy, a lesson that all of us pet-lovers understand all to well but it still brought tears:

Dear Jill,

  I wanted to Thank-you again & give you a little update on what your generosity helped accomplish. You sent us a stuffed, furry dog bone toy, one pink & one purple w/darker spots of the same color on each.  We call them "Spots", at least that is how Dakota, our 9 yr. old Aussie identifies them.  He loves them.  When people come to visit he says "hi" first-briefly, then runs off only to come back w/"Spots". Always skittish, the years mellowed him. So one day this week I finally decided to take Dakota & Spots w/me to work.  I work with senior folks who are developmentally disabled at a day treatment setting.  Dakota was a huge hit w/his toy. He would run & chase his Spots & then drop it back into the lap of whoever threw it & look adoringly & attentively into their face. What a reaction he got!  He brought smiles & laughter to the room. After all these years, Dakota has finally entered Pet Therapy-he will certainly go again to work w/me-to a welcome audience. Spots were the big ice breakers. I never buy those kind of toys, so Thank-you from the heart for your act of kindness that started it all.   
Kate & Alex, Claire, Rochelle, Bolivia & Dakota !

    Thank you Kate for letting me know that- & a special smooch to you & Dakota for the special work you do. Pet Therapy programs are to me, the most intriguing & fascinating process to help less fortunate people & it was extremely touching to hear that a small gesture of mine inspired such an impact in that field.  My thoughts are prayers that you and Dakota are able to continue your special work.

    That will do it for this edition of the newsletter.  I think of you all so many times during the day & always wish for your health & happiness.  I miss you all-my fluffy buddies- & I look forward to visiting with all of you soon & to set the record straight- Hi & SMOOCH to my special Best-est Buddy Boo !!! 

LOVE YA ALL BUNCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!






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