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Hey, Hi!  Hi, everybody, it’s ME, the stunningly handsome, very happy, healthy, did I mention superbly handsome and stunning SAMSON!

Yes, it’s me. I am back. Whew, what a busy time it’s been!  I am sorry That I haven’t barked in a long time. Well, I DID bark, but SOMEONE didn’t get my autumn newsletter into the website. I will not make accusations, no, I won’t. I know where my treats come from!

First there was summer, you see.  So much heat, so much to do, so many FluffyPaw buddies to visit. I had to stay home a few times because of the heat, but when that cooled off, you can bet I was happier and had more energy!  Mom didn’t seem to have more, but that’s because she’s always working and not just enjoying life, like ME!

So now that I have barked hello, here’s the latest news from ME, going all the way back to summer! 

First, the most important thing. When I go outside with Mom (or on my own, sometimes, as there are duties a guy has to attend that do not need Mom, if you get my drift), I always sniff the air. I sometimes smell things that are just beyond my understanding, but I know they are “kin” to me in some way. They don’t bark, really. They sorta yip. And there are others, that bark but in a sharp way. No, they aren’t DOGS.  I KNOW what dog barks are. I am, after all, very smart (and handsome).  These are different, and Mom says they are wild canine types, and not to concern myself, as they will not try to steal my bed and my toys. So I ignore them, mostly. There are sounds, too. Some of which I know are big birds. Mom says “Owl” and I say, “sure, whatever,” and move on (or head home, to keep Mom safe).  But not so long ago, there was a different smell in the air.  It’s a BIG smell, but not close. Does that make sense to you? BIG, like big animal. And not one used to having spa sessions, like me, let me tell you.  I haven’t heard him, but I have smelled him.  Mom heard that he was in the area, and invited him to walk in our yard, but he did not. He was nearer the lake, on the other side of the big road, and I hope he stays there. Mom says he was eating bird seed. I had to bark disbelief at that. What huge hairy smelly creature that could leave HUGE CLAW MARKS on a tree would stoop so low as to eat BIRD seed?  I digress.

Mom says she doesn’t think he’s very sociable, and that if I see him face-to-snout, I should be very nice to him, and invite him to come meet my mom.  If he is not agreeable to that, though, I should back up slowly and go inside. No problem, Mom, I mean, if that’s what you want, I will not engage him in a battle to protect you. Nope, I will back away and go inside. Yes, Ma’am, that’s me. Obedient. And smart.

Then came autumn. Oh, I love autumn!  Leaves rustling, cool breezes blowing, no hot days that mean I have to stay home! I love being able to be the back seat driver.  It’s my job. I take toys with me, because they get lonely at home, and I don’t like them to be lonely.

Suddenly, before I could barely bark twice, it was all that holiday stuff!  Holidays mean Mom is ever so busy, and she was, let me tell you. She likes being busy, but sometimes I think she should stop and smell the biscuits, you know?  Anyway, before we knew it, the holidays were OVER!  Mom put away all that Christmas stuff that looks MUCH better than it tastes. Or so Scout says – because I would never…

And here we are, at the beginning of a brand-new year, with me having all good intentions of being a better dog than last year. I pondered this, and realized that it’s not possible to be better than perfect, so I resolve to be just as perfect as always. I mean, why mess with that?

Mom says her calendar had a couple small spaces in it, and she filled them with doing really boring things, like shopping, cleaning and laundry.  Then working. Because you know, FluffyBuddies and all. We take our work seriously here at FluffyPaws Pet Luv.  Mom is always checking her schedule. She hasn’t got a system like Santa Paws, I guess. I mean, he does an awesome job of going from house to house in one night, and never misses ONE, but Mom is always worried that someone would get forgotten, so she has a “system” that goes something like this: Up in the morning, check the schedule. Coffee. Feed me and the rest of our gang. Check schedule again. Coffee. Car, check schedule again.  Mom is very particular about checking the schedule. I tried to tell her I will let her know if she makes a mistake, but Mom says it’s her job.  She is VERY careful to not miss anyone who is on the schedule.  She checks her telephone for any last-minute changes or scheduling problems that may have come up. And then, just before she goes from one Fluffy Buddy to another, she checks her schedule. I watch her. I do not let her forget.

While we are at our first stop, Mom checks the next few on her schedule (OUR schedule) and so it goes, all day long.  She does not answer her phone, but makes note to return calls later in the day. She checks that phone for any NEW emergencies or same-day-changes.

When Mom gets home after all her stops of the day, she checks again to be sure no one was forgotten. Did I mention that she is super careful and paranoid about that? No one will ever be forgotten on HER watch! 

After all that checking, I am very hungry. So Mom prepares supper for me and the cats (and Sweetie) who have kept the house safe during the day.  Then she eats supper, and of course she gives me belly rubs!  Then after she cleans up, we go back out for our night visits! She doesn’t begin her paperwork from the day, or start to check her schedule for the next day, until we get back. THEN she listens to her home telephone messages, returns calls that need to be returned, checks to see if there are openings that will meet the needs of customers, and finally, she reads her email. She will check social media IF SHE HAS TIME in the evening. So if you send her a message on Social Media like Facebook, or Messenger, or email, it won’t be seen until too late!

Mom says that she doesn’t have social media on her phone for a very good reason. She says that it’s just annoying when she’s trying to pay attention to the buddies she is visiting. So if it is IMPORTANT that Mom get a message from you RIGHT AWAY, then text her cell phone, or CALL her cell phone. That way she will know it’s important and get back to you fast, or act upon the new instructions!

I have no idea what that all meant, so don’t blame me if it doesn’t make sense. All I know is call or text. That’s it, pure and simple. I like information that is simple.

And now, before I go take a nap, a bark about STINK BUGS!

Did you know that when it starts to get cold, those nasty looking stink bugs come inside looking to get warm for the winter?  Why, Mom tells me that they can get in through very tiny spaces, and they hibernate in the walls and baseboards.  Then, it’s warm in your house, so they wander around sorta sleepy like, and they stagger about, finding even WARMER spots, like light bulbs and shades.  So if you see them in your house, vacuum them up. Do not squish them. Trust me on this. They stink. They maybe stink because that’s part of their name.  If you pick them up and toss them outside on a tissue or a paper towel, you may have to go out later and get the paper towel, because stink bugs have sticky feet and don’t let go.  Did you know those ugly things can FLY?  Yikes! Mom says they are an invasive species to the USA from Asia, and in our country they have no natural predators. I say, smart predators! Why would they want to eat a STINKY BUG?

While most of us four-footed family members are smart enough not to eat one of these critters (did I mention they stink?), if we DO happen to ingest one, the secretions will cause us to drool a lot and vomit.  How do you know the vomit your kitty pukes up was caused by a stink bug or just normal kitty puke? Ahem. Stink.  Also, if the bug emits their chemicals (they do it much like skunks do – when startled or frightened or mushed), it can cause pain and stinging in the eyes, and lots of watering eyes.  Just saying. So get rid of them. Do not enlist our help.

Oh, yeah, barking about eating just reminded me of something very important!  Did you know that dogs can manage a day or two without eating (Oh my DOG, do not tell Mom this!) and we will be fine, but for cats, going without food for even a short period of time can have deadly consequences?  It’s true!

Apparently, cats are delicate. Who knew? Finicky eaters are always enticed to try something new, and the human bends over backwards to get their kitty to eat. The old thinking that “if the kitty is hungry enough, it will eat,” is not necessarily true! Huh!  Well, if your cat doesn’t eat within about 48 hours, it can become critical and even deadly in a very short time, because it can cause a condition called hepatic lipidosis. Fat cats are even more at risk, can you imagine? This “fatty liver” disease means that fat infiltrates the liver, and it can be fatal. So if your kitty is not eating, pay close attention. Is your kitty being finicky, like Spike is, or is he not eating at all? Get that kitty to the vet person, VERY FAST. Blossom and Scout are round and eat all they can, but our Spike is svelte. I tease him that he’s anorexic, but it turns out that that’s not the same in cats as humans. It’s very deadly. I think Spike is not sick, just picky. I would be happy to eat what he leaves behind, but Mom says no.

 Here is a link to the full article if you want to read it for yourself. You may have to copy and paste into your browser.

And that, my friends, is all my news and barking for this time.  We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

I love this barking newsletter!  Mom did good, giving me this job. It’s a lot of fun. Now if I could just get “someone” to put it on the web page for me.



Samson, Mom and the rest of the FluffyPaw gang